The Chronicle

of the month of Jasmarill in the year 146

Lord Dixon has, much to the appreciation of the rest of the Witanmoot, restored the traditional Civic Ball in celebration of his election. The event followed the traditional format; mixing style and grace with licentious and decadent behaviour. Alan Monterey stunned the assembly with his elegance and sharp wit. However, his entourage of hopeful ladies where due for a disappointment if they thought they could get past Ann Tasker who was, as we are coming to expect, the only Lady Alan was interested in. The jilted Alison Shefford spent the evening talking to Adam Avery, which given her mood is not going to help Adam shed his womanising reputation. One person who is regretting noticing these events is Ellana Cressoniere. Her snide comment to Emily Martel about Monterey's harem lead to an immediate challenge from the outraged Martel who was at pains to point out that she was only interested in Alan's radical agenda. Lord Dixon managed to remain above all this and seems to be rapidly adapting to the role of Overlord. Mind you, given the imaginative motions he dumped on the hungover councillors the following morning, it's difficult to see how Alan Monterey's policies can be described as anything other than mundane.

Lord Dixon has placed a number of motions before the Council, these include a punitive law preventing people from voting if they had not paid the new house tax. In defence of this outrageous imposition, Lord Dixon told the Witanmoot that any moneys raised this year would go to the areas of the city affected by the fire. It will be interesting to see if the rest of the council backs him in this unpopular move. Lord Dixon has however taken no chances with his desire to improve the defence of the City and has issued the following decree "Be it known that the Marching Duty will be called to training on the LastDay SecondWeek of Menderal. The first Ward to complete its assembly once the Witanmoot Bell is tolled on that day will be treated to a round of drinks by Lord Dixon. The Watch which in the opinion of the judges, makes the best impression during the day of training will also be treated to a round of drinks by Lord Dixon".

Anger has been growing over Lady Perignon's parting decree pardoning Ferdinand Lansdowne. Many citizens have been calling for Lord Dixon to oppose the decree. Richard Saunders has gone further, "The young man is a traitor and should have been hung in the first place. It was only his mother's connections which saved him then, and his pardoning now is utterly unacceptable. If the fool returns to the city Lord Dixon should use his powers to carry out the execution which should have taken place years ago."

Concerns have been raised over the recent surveying of the Ward of Ishtan by Witanmoot officials. Worried that they are preparing a plan for a new city wall, many citizens have been distressed to discover that their properties may be on the wrong side of the line, or worse, underneath it.

Lord Dixon has provided the Chronicle with an exclusive and far ranging interview. He told our reporter that he was "surprised by the strength of his election result" although he felt that Lady Beatrice "had not done enough for the city" to justify her re-election. He said that he would be doing a lot more and that he intended to enact "New and Radical Policies of his own". He confirmed his intention to complete the City wall and to enable the city to "re-establish its reserves". Turning to Council politics he promised problems for those who had failed to support him. He specifically commented on last year's elections and told us that he has "not forgiven those who did a last minute change" and that he had "no respect for those who put self interest ahead of that of the city".

It seems that the Council's budget has be thrown into turmoil this year by a whole host of conflicting amendments brought forward by (amongst others) Adam Avery and William Trueman. The debate has gone on so long that the budget has still not formally been set. Frustrated Treasurer Alison Shefford commented that, "the budget is a carefully crafted and intricately connected artefact which should not be meddled with by amateurs who can't add up". In the other votes this month the shipping overspend was agreed despite Aralan Derwent's opposition, whilst the Avery Debtors motion was passed without amendment.

First ships into port this spring were La Trivulziana with silk, Le Cygne with grain and the Pietra Palera with a cedar and ivory cargo. Linrodeth also welcomes the return of the Vespasian players from a prolonged season in Kerun.

Battle of Nyskilde Special Report

Prince Kieran has achieved an incredible victory over the Noordic invaders of Nyskilde. The Chronicle is proud to be able to reproduce a detailed record of these events penned by our special correspondent.

"His Royal Highness Prince Kieran spent the days before the momentous Battle in careful study of the northern lands. Kieran determined that the weather was about to turn, and that the Noord were preparing to fire the city of Nyskilde and leave. Kieran determined that he could force Konrad of the Western Isles to give battle, if he were to fire the Noord ships drawn up under the western promontory. The Prince sorrowed at the suffering of the people of Nyskilde, and exhorted his troops to give of their best in the conflict.

"Kieran divided his forces into six battles, under his most senior captains. One force was detached to hold the coast road, and pin the Noord in the coastal tower. The second force, commanded by Prince Kieran went to attack the Noord ships drawn up on the foreshore. The third force was detailed to cover the flanks of the attack. A forth force was deployed to ambush the coast road. Two more forces, led by David Myddfai, Colonel of the King's Rangers, were deployed in the woods above the Eastern road out of Nyskilde. Accompanying the King's Rangers were the Nyskilde Duchy Militia who had bravely volunteered to serve. Kieran's force attacked the Noord ships and their defenders, and simultaneously a group of Noord warriors from Nyskilde were ambushed on the road. As the ships began to burn, Konrad's forces began to straggle out of Nyskilde. The first wave of Noord crossed the eastern ford, and were attacked by Myddfai's King's Rangers. The Rangers slaughtered the first wave of Noord, and then deliberately withdrew in front of the oncoming mass of the Noord army.

"Kieran's troops took the tower on the Western Promontory, and some of them set about the long ships with axes. The smoke from the fires of the burning longships drifted up into the winter sky. As signal to advance was sounded, the remaining troops of Kieran's army formed up along the banks of the Deepening River. Drawn on by Kieran's brilliant feint, the Noord army advanced between the fords. On command, the King's Rangers opened fire with a withering rain of arrows, and one thousand of the enemy fell. The Noord wavered at this time, and several hours passed while Konrad tried to rally his men. Finally, Konrad deployed his banner in the centre of his household troops, and forced all his unwilling allies to march in front to cover his advance. Then the Noord army charged between the fords.

"Once more the archers of the King's Rangers opened fire, and once more the several hundred Noord fell under the withering fire. The huscarles of Conrad's house charged, and waded through the torrents of the Deepening River against the 1st Regiment of the King's Rangers. The Kings Rangers held firm, repulsed the attack and the Noord fell back in the muddy water. Once again Konrad forced his household troops on. Once again the Noord waded through the torrent. The King's Rangers were waiting, and inspired by Prince Kieran slaughtered their opponents. Kieran ordered his archers to shoot high, and over the heads of the huscarles. Hiding at the rear, Konrad fell injured. A final thrust by the King's Rangers and the Noord huscarles broke in rout, and ran though the Deepening river. The King's Rangers streamed across the ford in pursuit, and the Noord army fled as they saw the King's Rangers putting the cream of Konrad's household to flight. Konrad tried to hold the Eastern ford, but Prince Kieran and the King's Rangers reached them and once again superior bow fire took its toll. The Noord ran in terror to Nyskilde and tried to make good their escape. In the pursuit, the Navarch of the Western Isles, who masterminded the attack on Nyskilde, was captured in personal combat by David Myddfai. After the battle, Konrad's body was found and his raven banner was presented to Prince Kieran. When the pyre was built between the two rivers, over three thousand Noord bodies were burnt. Over forty of the invading long ships were destroyed, and another 50 were captured. The roll of honour for Prince Kieran's army listed 121 of the Nyskilde Duchy Militia who had bravely given their lives for the Kingdom, and 87 of the King's Rangers who died during the campaign.

On that fateful evening, Prince Kieran raised his father's standard over his own on the western promontory facing out to the Western Isles, and ready to welcome his father's fleet. Then he entered Nyskilde to the acclaim of the entire citizenry.