The Chronicle

of the month of Pipetal in the year 140

The first caravan to arrive with the spring thaw brings news of bandits in the Celidon forest to the south-east. The Mercers Guild has warned all travellers to take great care, and if possible to travel in an escorted caravan. Sheriff Maxil has called upon the Knight Marshall to take action but, in an interesting turn of events, Lord Raphael has accused Sheriff Maxil of overeacting to a minor problem. One person who might disagree is young Roland, the nephew of Cllr Matthew Dixon, who arrived in the city having lost his last remaining possessions to these robbers.

Duke Alexander is expected to leave the city within the next few days to return to Cascorach. The delayed departure has meant that the many merchant wagons hoping to travel with him have been causing great congestion in the city streets. The reason for the delay is not known, but may entail a last ditch attempt to resume his failed courtship of the Princess.

Predictably, the longstanding feud between Perignon and Dixon has flared up again. Cllr Matthew Dixon has challenged Beatrice Perignon to a duel, claiming "malpractice in recruiting Alderman Horl". Cllr Perignon of course has only just left the Torian infirmary, following a prolonged illness brought about by a duel with Miranda Andrews. Will she survive the Crimson Councillor?

The Bowyers' guildmaster, Miranda Andrews, and her deputy, Helen Kreft, have both been seen pounding the butts nearly every day this month. The city's archery record has already been broken twice, and if the two ladies continue their relentless practice, it will probably be broken a few more times yet. The reason for this sudden burst of aggression is unclear, however dire mutterings about men which issue with every good hit perhaps implies that someone somewhere ought to be getting worried.

Citizens visiting the markets this month have been rather startled to hear several criers demanding the reform of the Hahnite religion, and the resignation of the Archimandrite. This initiative appears to be sponsored by Cllr Falgar, who later issued the following statement; "For too long Linrodeth has suffered the ludicrous legal system created by the Hahnite Temple. It is quite clear that the Archimandrite is obsessed with complicated and eventually unjust systems of Law, rather than with a simple, just legal system; either he must start doing his job properly or he should resign. We hope that all citizens of Linrodeth will join this, the first objective of the Justice League." When pressed further about the Justice League, Tiliniel denied the rumours of a split, claiming that this was merely a personal disagreement between herself and Cllr Mowbray.

Springtime romance is in the air for Olnorth Dexter, who has been seen wining and dining the beautiful and vivacious Lady Elspeth. A similar plan by his colleague, Leonard Tholin, to wreck the marriage of Alderman Lilith Lansdowne was prevented only by the timely intervention of Cllr Perignon. Shaking her head sadly, Beatrice commented that it was "sad to see that certain individuals are trying to drag our fair city down into the cesspools of immorality."

The following missive has been received from the Citadel;

Dear Citizens,

The investigation which was carried out on the Ghostmoons was an officially sanctioned investigation. There were several witnesses to the fact that there was no "conjuring of things dead". I regret that I am unable to say more on this investigation publicly due to the report being subject to Royal Prerogative. However, I am willing to attend and to testify to any legal investigation into either necromancy or the events of Ghostmoons 139. -

Yours Goodgulf

Concern is growing over the continued absence of Cllr Aragones from the halls of the Witanmoot. Old Sergio, who is known to suffer from poor health, was a prominent figure in debates and several messages of goodwill have been sent via his daughter. An alternative explanation maintains that he has simply become too rich to be bothered to turn up, and some of the younger councillors are now calling for his resignation.

Petronella Talbot, ex-Treasurer of the Chandlers Guild, will face a full trial next week over the alleged embezzlement of guild funds. Protesting her innocence, Petronella claimed that other members of the guild were using her for a scapegoat to cover up their own crimes. Alderman Baldwin Underwood will be presiding at the trial.

The final news this month is of course the Hustings for Lordship of the City. The candidates are:

Raphael Fitz-Simmons (Grosser)

Kennet Maxil (Mercer)

Paston Courtney (Carpenter)

The Aldermen will be casting their vote over the Springtide festival, and the result will be announced shortly after sunset.