The Chronicle

of the month of Galemir in the year 140

The city has been much perturbed this month by persistent rumours that the King is gravely ill. Both the Knight Marshall and the Torian Abbott insist that His Majesty is merely suffering from a slight fever, and a full recovery is expected. It is reassuring to note that the Princess remains at work at the temple, although this may be to avoid the company of Duke Alexander as much as anything else. Plans for the Duke's return to Cascorach are being finalised for Pipetal Firstweek, and both the Mercers and Grossers guilds have confirmed that their caravans will join the ducal retinue for the journey.

The Chronicle is pleased to announce that Lord Raphael has seen the light and has lifted the curfew. In a statement to the Chronicle he said "Necromantic activity will not be tolerated – the King has assured me that the Astrologer Royal played no part in necromancy and I therefore call upon the Astrologer Royal to set the public's mind at rest. Also, I propose that henceforth movement into and out of the city during the Ghostmoons will be restricted (although movement within the city will be unaffected). During this time patrols will make regular forays around the city to deter any further incidents such as the one that occurred recently. I assure the citizens of Linrodeth that no further incidents of necromancy will be allowed to occur." This new initiative will surely be welcomed by at least one victim of the curfew, Cllr Falgar, who was detained late one night while attempting to complete some council business. She was released after a brief reprimand from her alderman, James Isenbard.

The committee elections have seen a reversal of fortunes for the followers of Councillor Septer, indeed most of the posts have gone to supporters of the erstwhile Justice League. Lord Raphael, probably mindful of his forthcoming election, was noted as voting with the Dexter/Mowbray faction. The result however does seem to imply that the Justice League has collapsed with Cllr Falgar voting along different lines than Dexter and Mowbray alliance.

The full voting was as follows.


Andrews 14, Isenbard 8, Downe 2

Law & Order

Cox 15, Sparman 9, Mowbray 0

Welfare & Education

Shefford 19, Tasker 3, Downe 1, Cox 1

Lands & Agriculture

Faithside 18, Andrews 3, Cox 2


Griffiths 12, Faithside 10


Warin 22, Bowden 2


Underwood 12, Mowbray 11

In the wake of the elections has come a period of guild secrecy as the various crafts assess the recent shift of power. Voting on the Lord's proposed 'necromancy' amendment to the city laws is expected to go largely along guild alignments. A number of guilds are rumoured to be none too pleased by the way some of their Aldermen voted. In particular the Drapers and Dyers and the Carpenters and Coopers groups have all seen a significant reduction in their influence. The Armourers guild is strangely rumoured to be fairly happy over the replacement of Alderman Sparman by an Apothecary, perhaps a new candidate of theirs is in the offing? At a packed trial before Lord Raphael Fitz-Simmons, Cllr Armundus Septer was found not guilty of the charge of sedition. Evidence was presented from Alderman Mowbray and Cllr Dexter, and Cllr Matthew Jardine proved a key witness since he was staying with Cllr Septer at the time of the alleged offence. The defence managed to cast considerable doubt on the reliability of the witness, who admitted to being inebriated during much of this time. Significantly, much of his statement contradicted Cllr Dixon, and Lord Raphael in summing up stated that the evidence against Cllr Septer was insufficient, and that Matthew Jardine, although now recovered, was probably in a drunken stupor at the time and could not be taken as a reliable witness.

Petronella Talbot, Treasurer of the Chandlers Guild, has been removed from her post and faces a guild hearing next week following accusations of malpractice and embezzlement. Apparently the extra business brought in by the curfew led to an audit of the guild books. Guildmaster Faldrake refused to comment other than to state that there would be no cover up.

The early thaw has led to problems with the city's roads, and once again the risk of plague is upon us. Cllr Parkinson reminded citizens that it is their duty to dump the frozen beggars in the marsh where they can do no further harm.

Rumours of a reconciliation between the Perignon and Dixon families seems to have been squashed by the defection of Chairman of Shipping Gibian Horl to the Perignon camp. A livid Crimson Councillor was heard to say, "somebody is going to suffer; this means war!" Cllr Perignon's comment was "Oh. But this was before the truce started. Wasn't it?"