The Chronicle

of the month of Menderal in the year 150

People in Linrodeth are succumbing to a devastating illness which is spreading through the city like wildfire. The summer heat has dried out the Ishtan mud, but is adding to the problems of Torians, Dalethians and city authorities trying to tackle the thirsting sickness. Official advice is to drink 10 to 20 pints of water per day, but many wells across the city are sealed, and few sufferers have the ability to boil large quantities of river water. Attempts to drink ale instead have left some sufferers in a drunken stupor. Untreated, sudden collapse and death seems to be claiming about half of its victims. The Princess has ordered the Citadel gates closed and is sending military wagons out to bring in fresh water supplies from Botmoor for her troops.

Following last month's budget proposals things have still to be finally settled. As the month moved forward it looked increasingly likely that a budget would be set unanimously due to the strenuous efforts of all the councillors to reach a consensus. However this was put paid to by the following statement by Alderman Bottler. "The extreme weather has brought a good many unwelcome things: a bad smell over the Riverside wards, illness to many citizens and me, cap in hand looking for more money for the Portwall. While an annual maintenance budget for the Portwall was inevitable, just as there is for the Bridge and the dry land City walls, the dramatic flooding, unparalleled in living memory, has brought about serious subsidence in the foundations of part of the Portwall. This needs to be repaired. The cost of this operation will be between £4,000 and £5,000. I therefore request the Council to authorise payment of up to £5,000 for the repairs to the wall's foundations." An indication that bad news was on its way was given by the attention the Bottler faction has been taking in military matters and their constant desire to remind people just how much of a threat the city is under. The Witanmoot is now debating how this money is to be raised and which of the many options for unpopular tax rises they will plump for.

Merchant traders have confirmed a new hazard from City States privateers taking advantage of the absence of Athion's navy from international waters. With the Royal Fleet committed to defending Salvoyn and the southern coastline of Athion, a new opportunity has opened up for pirates and privateers in the unpatrolled high seas off the Gelt Mountains. Shippers allow that these pirates are still few and badly equipped, but may pose a threat if their numbers are allowed to increase. The Esprayennan Temple is organising lists of departing ships who may wish to travel in convoy for greater safety.

General Olvini has confirmed that the Midsummer Fair will not be held this year amid fears for the health of anyone attending such a large gathering. It seems that the event was already being boycotted by many provincial traders, who have chosen not to travel to Linrodeth this month. Rumours that caravans leaving the city were being barred from entering some local towns were quickly denied by the General, who assured the Guilds that his troops would keep the highways clear for all travellers until and unless an official quarantine was declared.

Recriminations over the budget and the failure to transfer the Portwall to General Olvini have soured relations within the Witanmoot. Both Alan Monterey and Marcus Lambourne have been making claims to have found inaccuracies in last year's budget. Whilst both have shied away from a direct accusation of corruption, it is clear that both factions are now out to show the other in the worst possible light. The first casualty in this exchange has been the truth, and the second any chance the council had of setting a unanimous budget. The Monterey faction has been making dark hints that any unacceptable budget will be vetoed. Further heat has been added by the accusation from the Bottler group that it was the bureaucratic meddling of the inefficient oversight committee which prevented the hand over of the wall. A delay which has cost the City dearly.

The Sheriffs' Elections were won by Jenny Davy and Miranda Andrews with 20 votes and 14 votes respectively, incumbent Alison Shefford only received an embarrassing 6 votes.