The Chronicle

of the month of Heliora in the year 150

The prolonged Spring flooding has finally subsided, leaving a thick black ooze covering the lower city and surrounding countryside. City scavengers are hard at work shovelling the malodorous muck off the streets, and the Dalethian Wellkeeper has rapidly ordered the sealing of many wells. Alas, the stink has already attracted plagues of flies to the area. The Torians are warning that various illnesses are on the increase this month; they advise drinking copious boiled water rather than the traditional beverage of good ale. The Citadel has decided to evacuate many of its troops at this point, and has dispersed much of its cavalry to the borderlands. This may be a prelude to renewed engagement with Aralan Derwent's troops, of which little has been heard since last autumn.

Following their criticism of last month's budget proposals, Marcus Lambourne and William Trueman have rejected the proposals brought forward by the Chairman of the Treasury and have set a budget based on last year's pre-wall proposals. The most noticeable change is in the Sheriffs Office; it would seem that the Commons is yet to be convinced on increasing the spending upon the City Guard. Whilst both faction leaders seem to keep the door open to this and other amendments, they made it clear that any changes would need to be justified to them. The defection of Graham Porter to Marcus Lambourne means that the alliance of Trueman and Lambourne hold a majority in both the Commons and the Aldermanic court, and that they intend to use this to determine the budget. Alderman Flambourd was barely able to contain his frustration at seeing his proposal overridden; a situation which was not helped by comments that this revised budget was a result of "Alderman Warin stepping in to sort out the mess". The budget split was set at:

Lords’ Household


Sheriff’s Offices




Law and Order




Welfare and Education


Lands and Agriculture




The Chairman of Shipping, Graham Porter, has announced that he is joining the Lambourne faction. The defection appears to have been triggered by tensions within the Monterey faction following the 'oath of fealty' motion. Alderman Porter made his announcement to the full Witanmoot and then dramatically crossed the floor. "Whilst I still respect Alderman Monterey and consider him my friend, I find myself unable to continue to support the course he has set. Linrodeth will need new leadership if it is to be restored to its rightful role as the capital city of Athion." Later in the meeting, nominations for Sheriff predictably produced Alison Shefford, Miranda Andrews and Jenny Davy as candidates for election next month.

The budget discussions and Sheriffs' elections have been thrown into further confusion by an announcement from General Olvini that the City contribution to Princess Selina will be raised from its current level of £45,000 to £47,500 and that the military will be taking permanent responsibility for the City Armoury and Guard. Announcing his proposals to the assembled Aldermen, the General was less than flattering about the Witanmoot's ability to organise the defences of the City. He went on the declare, "Many of you are aware that we have been debating how best to organise the defences of the City. Princess Selina has always been of the view that a force funded and run by the City would be best. However it has become blatantly apparent that the Witanmoot is incapable of doing either. Therefore, for the security of all citizens, all military authority, including the rights of the Sheriffs, will rest directly with the Princess and be exercised by myself as General of the Army. I will also be bringing forward laws regarding the obligations on all citizens to train and participate in the defence of the City."

Merchant traders are reporting an increase in attacks around the shipping lanes to the south. A number of privateers appear to be operating freely in the high seas between Athion and the City States.