The Chronicle

of the month of Kryll in the year 157

The birth of King Kieran's son Prince Bernard Caralingas has been announced leading to jubilation throughout the city. The Queen's pregnancy had been kept a secret in order to protect from curses by the Reshite witches. Both the young prince and his mother are reported to be in good health. The auguries for the birth, which took place in the early evening on 10th day third week Arvinoth at the exact time when Senemora stood in front of Sisamora, are being hotly debated by many priests and scholars. The temple of Daleth is unusually silent on the matter however Master Olivier Highdale of the Bards College, pointing out that it is difficult to see Senemora during the conjunction, described the signs as showing that good is greater than evil and that the young prince will be the salvation of Athion.

The murder of Petro Cutario has shocked the city. Cutario was slain by a group of workmen from the Brynette Temple project who are believed to have fled south shortly thereafter. A fast consortium ship has been dispatched in pursuit but it is unclear if it will be able to overtake them. Cutario was slain whilst on the marshes with two Brynette acolytes in what appears to have been a carefully planned attack. The Count's purse and some valuable Brynette survey equipment was stolen but that does not explain the attack. Suspicion that it was an assassination is growing. The obvious suspect Gilbert de Clare has denied any involvement and a spokesman for the Lord of the city has told the Chronicle that no evidence has been found linking Gilbert de Clare to the crime. Perhaps Lady Warin should talk to her own Witanmoot investigation agency who have been seen asking questions at the Calm Seas Inn. An Inn frequented by the de Clare employees who committed the crime. It is also where Gilbert, a man not normally noted for visiting dockside pubs if, was seen with them on the day of the crime.

Sailors disembarking from the Inflexible following its recent trading mission to Nyskilde have described how the ship engaged with Nordic raiders who were preying on the local population. However the Cllr Lucy Boater who lead the trade mission has been at pains to maintain the mission's non-military status and merely described an incident where the ship was required to protect its legitimate right to trade. It has been confirmed that the citizens of Nyskilde have regained control of their own city and that Huscarls are no longer in control of the castle. Hadrim Thorold the elected mayor of the city has thanked Linrodeth for its support during the difficulties and expressed a desire for continuing trade between our two cities. Given King Kieran's obvious inability to protect Nyskilde it is hoped that Princess Selina will ask permission from the High King to place Nyskilde and its trade routes under the protection of the Linrodeth Navy.

Aralan Derwent has established a new base for her forces at East Hagga on the Eresan Road. With Fenny Bridges impassable from Hagga she can now effectively controls the trade between the two cities. The base which is on the boundary of the Duchy is also much closer to Linrodeth than Fenny Bridges. Forces from the Citadel are monitoring the situation and have made it clear that any attempt to enter the Duchy, even by scouts will be seen as a severe provocation.

Last week's bright weather has allowed many crops to ripen and allayed fears of a major food shortage. The small reduction in the rains this month has al Northshore in particular has shown a dramatic reduction in its flooding. Despite this and the questions surrounding Gilbert de Clare the city has agreed to establish an emergency flood fund of £3000. Debate now rages over whether this fund should be funded from a reduction in expenditure or by an exceptional tax upon the guilds.