The Chronicle

of the month of Lorinfall in the year 157

Celebrations of the Harvestide feast were subdued this year following the very poor harvest. Water levels continue to rise as the unrelenting rains poor onto the city and the areas upriver. The marshes are at their most extensive ever and the causeways remain treacherous and in need of constant repair. A special session of the Witanmoot has been called to discuss the crisis amid concern that the port may have to be closed. Debate is likely to rage over the proposals for the construction of extensive dams and drainage brought forward by Gilbert de Clare. Petro Cutario is apparently active in opposing these plans. His views probably have less to do with concerns over cost and more to do with the fact that the waters are providing such effective slum clearing for him.

Extensive flooding has caused much of Denmarsh to be abandoned causing serious overcrowding of the rest of Northshore. Conflict is also growing between the City and Northshore following a fight between a large group of guild journeymen and some Northshore traders. The journeymen were angry at the increasing impact of the cheap non-guild products being produced in Northshore upon their livelihoods. The spokesman for the journeymen, Alice Shoreland, told the Chronicle. How can we ever be expected to make a living in the city if these fraudsters are allowed to undercut our prices. The incident was sparked when Gary Drayton, a chandler from Northshore, paid for a crier to advertise his low prices through the city. Mr Drayton, who recently finished his apprenticeship, told the Chronicle. I've set up my business in Northshore because I can't afford city taxes. The city's high taxes are its problem not mine.

The contest for Alderman of Berewic was hard fought with much back room negotiation and debate. In the end it was the votes of Peter Ryman's votes that made the difference giving the victory to Emma Chireton by 12 votes to 11. Denying that he was going against the wishes of the people of the ward Alderman Ryman explained that he had asked the other members of the Wardmoot whom they would support.

Citizens have been startled by the reappearance of some Babel in the City. They bring news of the abandonment of Fenny Bridges. These rumours have been confirmed by her highnesses forces who remain vigilant against any incursion from the displaced forces of Countess Derwent.

Two Consortium ships recently returned from the city states have struggled into port to bring news of a deadly attack on a marine camp at the Salvoyn estuary. All those serving within the Falcone Company are confirmed dead, although the actual cause of death is unclear. The Triton is to return with further troops before the start of winter.

Building work at the Brynette Temple has been completed this month. The weather has further added to Alderman De Clare's problems but it would appear that he can finally put this disaster behind him. The project for the ornate chimneys and upgraded furnaces has run considerably over budget and behind schedule this past year. Workmen were particularly keen to clear away surplus material and scaffolding before the weather deteriorated and serious scavenging got underway. Subsequent celebrations within the temple were marred by the sudden appearance of large painted letters down the side of the central chimney. Reshite Scum has now been partially washed off by a combination of the rain and unwilling acolytes dangling from ropes. Investigations are underway, according to the temple.

The influx of people into the city from Denmarsh and the surrounding lands is beginning to cause problem for law and order. A squad of city guard have been injured, and one killed, while attempting to prevent looting of shops in Cripplegate. Neighbours had complained about a number of petty thefts earlier in the week, and had been threatened with reprisals. Blessop's Bakery, that great institution of Faringdon, is to be closed for a month after a fire broke out in one of the kitchens. Much of the back hall has been destroyed or damaged, and will need to be rebuilt before the eatery can re-open. How long this will take given the other demands upon carpenters and masons is anybody's guess.

The city guard regret to have to confirm the recent death of supervisor Godrick Multun during routine interrogation.