The Chronicle

of the month of Kryll in the year 154

Dire news has reached us from the south; King Kieran has been injured in a skirmish against Salvoynian Cavalry. The High King was returning with a small escort from a supposedly secret visit to his sister in Cascorach, and was set upon by a large group of Salvoynian knights. The King’s scouts had stopped the advancing force and his escort was therefore able to choose its ground and prepare a defence. Losses on both sides are reported to have been high and whilst the King’s force was victorious, he is reported to have been received a serious wound to the arm when his shield splintered.

The controversy over grain prices flared up again with a number of councillors planning to censure the Cornmongers and Bakers Guilds. Cllr Peter Ryman has stepped into the fray with an outspoken maiden speech, “I just can't believe the hypocrisy of this council.” he declared. “The Bakers Guild has always prided itself on supporting the city. We have coped with fire, riots, plague, civil war and grain shortages. We have only raised our prices when the alternative would have been for us to go bankrupt.” He accused other guilds of profiteering from the rebuilding of the city and pointed out that no-one in the Bakers Guild had a huge mansion.

Alderman Petro Cutario has launched a major cross-city campaign on the subject of Security for All. For most of last week his faction has been rallying people to attend the free races which Petro will be providing at the new stadium. During an interval in the excellent entertainment Alderman Cutario spoke passionately about his support for Princess Selina and the defence of the city. He went on to explain his believe that security comes from both military strength and prosperity, and also from the knowledge that your fellow citizens will use their prosperity to support you in your time of need, just as you would support them in theirs. He followed this stirring speech by announcing that following a “generously priced” purchase of the Lambourne mansion by William Trueman, Princess Selina had decided to donate the proceeds to the city’s Welfare and Education budget to enable the establishment of an orphanage for the children of the Principality. Chairman for Welfare and Education, Richard Saunders, is already actively seeking sites for the new building and has declared himself delighted that this long term ambition of the city has finally been realised.

Cutario’s campaign appears to have caught the mood of the people, and many political commentators are describing it as a master stroke. The betrayal by Lambourne has seriously weakened peoples’ faith in the political factions and this, combined with a shift in campaign emphasis by the factions towards campaigning for individual Alderman candidates, has left cross city support for all the factions dwindling. By capturing the high ground and being prepared to once again stand forth in belief for something, Cutario has set the agenda for the coming election and ensured that anyone associated with his faction will do well. Brunstan Blackbeard has denied the rumours, circulating the Witanmoot, that he is involved in organised crime. Whilst admitting that in his youth he was a regular visitor to the Floating Market and had “many contacts” amongst the city’s criminals, he claimed that he had severed these ties upon becoming elected to the Witanmoot.


We are at war and an attack by Salvoyn is imminent. A brave and loyal citizen of Linrodeth has at some significant personal risk, brought advanced news of a fiendish plot by Salvoyn to attack the city. The Salvoynian fleet is already thought to be on its way to Linrodeth and is expected to arrive towards the end of this week. The Leviathan, Cetus, Yamma, and Tiamat have all been rapidly fitted out and a full battle fleet is being formed up at Kingsport. All Consortium shipping returning to port for the winter has been redeployed onto naval duty and a general call up of all able bodied sailors initiated. Despite these actions, it is not clear that Linrodeth is yet ready to take on the might of the Salvoynian fleet which still has as its core the old Athion Royal Navy, and land defences are also being urgently strengthened. It is not known whether the attack by the Salvoynian ships is a prelude to invasion or simply the beginning of a blockade. General Olvini has declared his intention to meet any invasion in the field rather than allow the Principality’s lands to be ravaged. The first full practice muster of the Marching Watch is being planned and all citizens are reminded of the law requiring them to maintain a bow and full complement of arrows and practice with this at least once per week.