The Chronicle

of the month of Ternost in the year 154

The first practice muster of the City turned out to be something of a debacle. Only some of the Alderman had received the notification of the practice and in most areas the ringing of the City belles engendered panic and disorder. One notable exception was Faringdon where William Trueman's long interest in the efficiency of his ward turnout paid off. The worst wards were Shambles and Cartage which formed up in completely the wrong place causing terrible disruption to the arrival of the Citadel cavalry. General Olvini has summoned the Sheriffs and Aldermen to a number of subsequent meetings and is rumoured to be considering placing military officers from the City Guard directly in charge of the Ward watches.

Peter Ryman has declared himself at last satisfied that something is being done about crime in Cripplegate. Indeed a number of arrests have been made and large numbers of City Guard have been deployed into the area recently. However tensions remain between Mr Ryman and the Guard who are reported to be very unhappy about the fact that Mr Ryman has hired his own group of guards with which to "patrol the areas the City Guard are too scared to enter". With war upon us urgent reconsideration of the budgets is taking place. Rumours abound but the Chronicle has been able to discover that the goldmith's guild has been approach for a loan. The welfare and education budget to be also expected to be savaged and Jim Bottler is rumoured to be highly distressed by the removal of funding for a number of extravagant building projects. Funding for the recently purchased City Orphanage is also causing some concern.

With the elections only a month the city has moved into full campaign mode. Trueman and Cutario of clearly in the lead having both been active on the safely and security agenda. Alderman speech on the subject this month was particularly well received with its uniting theme of "security for all and all for security". Other surprising active groups have been the renewal party with Maureen Quiller making a passionate speech asking the city to rally to defeat the Salvoynian evil that has corrupted Resh. Nicolas Worton has also spoken out and on the benefits of independence and the limitations of the current factions.

In an interesting development patriots have taken to displaying blue flags outside their windows. However this blue is the pale blue that of Princess Selina rather the traditional deep blue of Linrodeth. Cynics have suggested manipulation by the Citadel however as far as the Chronicle can ascertain the display is spontaneous taking up of an idea by from the Cutario faction which produced the flags for their own use. The dyers guild has been rushing to meet demand and supplies of indigo are reported to be dwindling fast.

In sombre mood the Witanmoot has gathered to see a portrait of Lady Andrews unveiled on the walls of the Long Gallery, alongside her those of her predecessors. The painting, the work of Jessamine Scathlocke, was adjudged a worthy addition to the Witanmoot's collection, and Lady Andrews declared herself delighted with the results.

Marcus Stenmoor, the Political assistant to Jim Bottler, has left the Bottler group in order to stand for election in his own right. Mr Stenmoor, who it was widely thought at one point would become a bard, has been the main driving force behind the political activity of the Bottler faction and his loss is likely to be a significant blow to the Bottler grouping.


The recent heavy snowfall and blizzard conditions most certainly mean that the expected Salvoynian invasion will not take place. A number of people had already begun to question the likelihood of an invasion this late in the year and the validity of the information about it. However the Citadel remains adamant that an attack was due and continues to urge citizens to prepare for one immediately the weather clears. Two brave crews have set forth from Kingsport to scout to the south and determine if the invasion fleet has been forced to put in and over winter on the coast. They will also provide early warning of any strike coming in the New Year. It is also possible that the invasion fleet has gone south to attack our allies in Kerun.