The Chronicle

of the month of Kryll in the year 147

It has been a truly dramatic month in which the Witanmoot declared for Prince Kieran; Lord Dixon imposed martial law and arrested many prominent members of the council, the Witanmoot Guard stormed and, amazingly, took the Citadel; and a major battle was fought with Prince Edward's vanguard. The City is now bracing itself for the arrival of Prince Edward's army and preparing for a long winter siege.

The first sign of trouble came when smoke was spotted from the direction of Gax's orphanage on the Vintner fields. When news of this reached a public meeting in Welland, an outraged protest march formed which immediately began marching through Levestone. The protest was stopped by a hasty barricade thrown across the streets by the Witanmoot Guard who then charged the marchers, scattering the crowd and making several bloody arrests. The Sheriffs are claiming that the riot was caused by agent provocateurs who set fire to Gax's orphanage. However the Chronicle has learnt that the fire was indeed set by the Witanmoot Guard, and many people remain convinced that the riot was deliberately provoked by the Witanmoot as an excuse for more draconian measures. Gax the Heretic has yet to comment, or indeed to be found, and rumours persist that he was killed during the attack on the orphanage.

The subsequent imposition of martial law, curfew, and arrest of many prominent members of the Witanmoot caused great consternation amongst the great and the good, but generated very little public comment. Lord Dixon's policy of arresting anybody who took a strong position on anything seems to have created a very rapid enthusiasm for moderation amongst those people left outside the Witanmoot cells. The arrests were carried out immediately after the Levestone riot. Whilst most of the people arrested during the 'night of short speeches' have now been released, prominent supporters of Prince Edward such as Aldermen Rimon and Isenbard remain under arrest. Cllr Jardin, speaking from a secret hiding place, denounced Lord Dixon and the rest of the faction leaders for believing Aralan Derwent's lies and leading the City into an untenable position. He went on to accuse Sheriff Derwent of being in the pay of Prince Kieran and called for the citizens to rise up, overthrow the rebellious Witanmoot and take the City for King Edward.

Rumours persist of a major policy split within the apparently united Crisis Committee. According to reports from our source, Sheriff Alison Shefford has argued vigorously against the policy of supporting Prince Kieran. It is interesting to note that she took no part in the battle against the vanguard, and that she has not, unlike the rest of the committee, been seen praising the virtues of Prince Kieran. A yet greater split may be forming around Sheriff Aralan Derwent and Alderman Alan Monterey who are believed to have come within a whisker of successfully censuring Lord Dixon. The loss of the support of these two stalwarts, and the near disintegration of his faction, leaves Lord Dixon in a dangerously exposed political position. However with martial law in place, it may be many years before he is required to relinquish control.

One of Lord Dixon's more disconcerting actions was the successful storming of the Citadel with a handful of Witanmoot Guard. Reports of the exact events differ, however it is clear that Sir Salverian was killed late on eightday secondweek of Lorinfall by troops loyal to Prince Edward. A major conflict then broke out within the Citadel. The Queen's Infantry regiment, in a pre-planned action, attacked the Ranger's barracks and set it on fire. At the same time they disarmed the Second Cavalry and imprisoned many nobles at the Citadel. Lord Dixon responded to the crisis by personally leading the Witanmoot Guard in an assault which gained control of the Citadel gate, enabling the rest of the Guard to penetrate the Citadel defences and release the cavalry from their imprisonment. The cavalry and the Guard were joined by the Marching Watch, summoned by Sheriff Derwent, and the combined forces assaulted the inner keep. Losses were heavy on all sides but by the following morning the entire Citadel was under the control of Lord Dixon. Colonel Karine Agrevaine now controls the Citadel forces, and has confirmed that Sir Salverian was standing vigil in the Chapel and was preparing to declare for Prince Kieran just before his untimely death.

Relieved citizens gave a warm welcome to Eorlaine Samantha Cox and her entourage when they returned with news of a good harvest and a generous tithing from the surrounding countryside. The delegation had been touring the duchy for the past two months, and spent a tense final week avoiding the scouts from Edward's army in order to complete their mission.

The City is mourning its losses following a battle with Prince Edward's vanguard. In all some 300 citizens were killed or injured during the battle, with the brunt of the losses being taken by the wards of Faringdon and Cadene. The City also lost nearly all of the remaining troops. There appears to be a growing concern that the City will not be able to stand against Edward's army when it arrives. The consensus at the Dancing Bear seems to be that the City forces could not afford the losses which were suffered taking the Citadel and defeating the vanguard. One commentator told us, "As I reckon it, the City has just enough professional troops left to provide a bodyguard for the Sheriffs. The Rangers and Infantry wiped each other out in the Citadel, and we lost all but a platoon of the Cavalry defeating the vanguard. Sure we have good walls and a lot of keen amateurs, but when Edward shows up with six or seven regiments of seasoned veterans, I reckon we'll last about two days."

Official Statement by Sheriff Aralan Derwent:

The morning of Seconday, Lastweek of Lorinfall dawned fair over the City of Linrodeth. Many citizens loyal to Kieran assembled on the walls to look out over the army assembled four bow shots from the walls. Lady Agrevaine commanded the force, and rode at the head of the 2nd Cavalry, while Sheriffs Derwent & Tasker commanded the forces of the City of Linrodeth. Brave citizens, together with the Witanmoot Guard, formed the heart of the army. Edward's cavalry appeared in the distance. The first wave of the attack was broken up by City archers, and though the enemy forces threatened to break through, the centre held, and repulsed the attack. The second wave of the enemy cavalry was also repulsed in a volley of arrows. Then the 2nd Cavalry showed how they earned their motto ("Death before Dishonour") by charging into the third and final wave of cavalry on the left flank of the battle.

The battle swung to and fro for several hours, and the enemy cavalry was destroyed while many of the 2nd Cavalry bravely fought to the end. In a final desperate effort, two squadrons of Edward's cavalry charged on a unit formed from the Witanmoot Guard and the 2nd Infantry, augmented by brave councillors. The first wave was repulsed, and then the attacking cavalry was mown down in a hail of arrows. The second wave of the attack burst through the Witanmoot Guard and tried cravenly to ride off the field of battle. They were challenged on their honour by Agrevaine, and reluctantly turned to offer battle. Edward's last surviving cavalry broke and routed for the fourth and final time on that fateful day, and the stragglers from the attacking force fled the field.

The bodies of over 500 of the enemy dead were burned on the Tourney Fields. When the army returned to the City, it was welcomed at the gates by Lord Dixon, where he praised the heroism shown by the Citizens of Linrodeth in defence of their City under the leadership of Lady Agrevaine, Sheriff Derwent and Sheriff Tasker, who all returned to the City bloodied after the conflict, but unbowed. Lord Dixon told the assembled crowd: "Edward's actions in murdering the late King Edmund's brother Salverian, after slaying his own father and attacking the City have shown his unfitness to rule. I call on the citizens of Linrodeth to take arms for King Kieran; to train each day, and to be prepared to defend their city and families. Gods save the King."

Late News Late News Late News Late News Late News

Confusion continues to mount over the continued absence of Prince Edward's main army. The army was due at the end of Lorinfall, but has still not appeared some 15 days later. Scouts have been dispatched to Fenny Bridges to see if the army has crossed the river, and southwards to discover if the army has paused to prepare siege engines. Clearly the defeat of the vanguard has disrupted Edward's plans, however everyone at the Witanmoot has stressed that the vanguard was only a small fraction of Edward's force, and suggestions that he may have retreated as a result of its loss are, at best, fanciful.