The Chronicle

of the month of Lorinfall in the year 147

Ambassadors from King Kieran arrived in the City on Thirdweek Seventhday last month. Riding openly through the City in full regalia, they made their way to the Citadel before holding meetings with Lord Dixon, the heads of the various temples and a number of other prominent figures. The Chronicle has learnt that they carried a letter signed by numerous prominent figures, attesting that King Edmund had declared Kieran his heir and that Kieran holds a document signed by the King to this effect.

The Chronicle regrets to announce the death of the Archimandrite. During these difficult times the loss of the leader of the Hahnite religion will be a severe blow to those seeking stability. Plenipotentiary Jasmine told the Chronicle "This is a loss we will all feel very deeply. The Archimandrite led us with compassion and reserve and was loved by us all." The Hahnites will now undergo their traditional period of mourning before picking a new Archimandrite in two month's time. Given the officially pro-Edward stance taken by Plenipotentiary Falmand Ingulfos of Eresan, the studied neutrality of Plenipotentiary Antonius, and Plenipotentiary Jasmine's rumoured support for Kieran, the battle within the Hahnite Temple is expected to be highly charged. The civil war will no doubt disrupt the gathering of the Plenipotentiaries, and it will be interesting to see if Cascorach's Edward De Belleme, another likely contender, will make it to Linrodeth in time for the vote.

Lord Dixon has issued the following emergency decrees:

All warehouses along the line of the new city wall are to be commandeered by the City and modified by the Carpenters' Guild to form temporary battlements. Three new gates will be permitted to access dockside. The interior of the warehouses may still be used by the original owners provided that this use does not obstruct military activities

The Witanmoot Guard is to be doubled by Midwinter.

The existing Witanmoot Guard will receive riding lessons at city's expense for the next four months.

The City has been thrown into panic by rumours that King Edward has mustered an army and is already marching north to Linrodeth to claim the throne. Alderman Elliott Anderson and George Rimon have denounced the prevarication of the Witanmoot and called for the City to welcome Edward as the rightful King. Meanwhile the other leaders of the City appear to be too deep into preparations for war to take the time to debate who the City plans to fight. Alan Monterey has been concentrating on assisting with the completion and stockpiling of the harvest whilst Richenda Sylvanus has been assisting Ann Tasker by organising the city's production of arrows.

The dock front palisade is progressing erratically under the watchful eye of Adam Avery, despite persistent rumours of bankruptcy at the city Treasury. These rumours appear to have been started by the renewed debate within the council chambers about this year's budget. It seems that a number of radical cuts have been proposed, and concern is growing over the fate of a number of renovation projects deferred since the great fire. Fortunately, Cllr Trueman's vigorous lobbying has already ensured the completion of the new orphanage, although this may have to be used to re-house orphans made homeless by Lord Dixon's war preparations.

Concern is growing over the continued presence demanded of Matthew Dixon and Beatrice Perignon at the Citadel. Both of these key political leaders have spend most of their time this month at the Citadel in discussions with Sir Salverian and King Edward's representative, the Duchess of Haronne. Lord Dixon has appeared briefly at the Witanmoot to make the decrees, but has not taken part in any of the numerous debates. Alderman Bernard Hubold told the Chronicle, "We're all very worried. Effectively the City is being run by decree from the Citadel."

There are signs that the consensus of co-operation within the City government is breaking down. Gax the Heretic is continuing his campaign against Lord Dixon's intention to burn down the Vintner's Orphanage and has gained the outspoken support of Cllr Edge and the less public backing of William Trueman. However, Lord Dixon appears adamant that the orphanage will be destroyed.

Tensions are building over the local response to the arrival of King Edward. Whilst most councillors are still maintaining a 'wait and see' position, some have decided and at least one fist fight has ensued in the Witanmoot between rival supporters of King Edward and King Kieran. These Witanmoot debates do not appear to have damped the rising tide of coronation fever, with tankards and bunting going into early production. A number of rallies near the Mootstone have already called for a special Coronation Fund to be raised by the Witanmoot, "to make up for the Dragonfeast fiasco", as one lobbyist put it. Sheriff Aralan Derwent has returned to the City and has immediately set about destroying the fence which her colleagues are sitting on. At an emergency session of the Council she denounced the City of Salvoyn as being behind the wretched murder of King Edward and Queen Emma. She declared her support for King Kieran and confirmed the planned investiture of Kieran as crown prince. She went on to declare ""As you know I have had long associations with the City of Nyskilde and its people, and I know many of the leading citizens of that city. Some of my friends were murdered on that dark day. What I have found is that these most wretched murders were carried out by agents from Salvoyn, who had been infiltrated into Nyskilde. They slaughtered the King and Queen during the Investiture of Prince Kieran as Crown Prince. I ask you to honour King Edmund's memory by following his last wishes and pledging the allegiance of this city, as I have pledged my allegiance to a unified kingdom of Athion under his chosen heir." Her final call caused uproar and the Witanmoot Guard were force to clear the chamber before a riot ensued. She has since been heard speaking on a similar theme from the Mootstone and at several market places around the city.

A surprising and radical Private Member's Bill has been proposed by Cllr Hywel Duthon, who is obviously looking further ahead than his fellow councillors these days. He proposes to establish a Market area (exact location to be decided) with 'Freeport' status. This apparently means no tax and no immediate customs and excise on goods at the port; which sounds interestingly similar to legitimising the Floating Market. Hywel Duthon told the Chronicle: "The establishing of a Freeport within the boundaries of Linrodeth can only be good for the city in these troubled times. I look forward to hearing the proposals of my fellow councillors for suggestions as to the most appropriate location. Without doubt it will bring prosperity not only to the city, but especially to the ward where it is located."

Such reasonableness does not appear to part of Alderman Monterey's repertoire this month, as he renewed his attack on fellow Alderman Bernard Hubold, ""I entirely agree with Alderman Hubold that, in his words, the city needs a permanent and effective law and order force based on skilled and trained staff. It is somewhat surprising to hear him champion the Witanmoot Guard, but we shouldn't let the praise go to waste. However, civil war is coming. At some point we, the citizens of Linrodeth, will have to defend our city. When that time comes, a few mercenaries scattered here and there will make no difference; it is we who will man the walls, we who must fight for Linrodeth and Athion. I would rather that we had little training for that than none at all."

Late News Late News Late News Late News

The vanguard of King Edward's army has been sighted and is expected to arrive at the city gates by Firstday Thirdweek. The main army can therefore be expected to reach the Linrodeth by the end of the month. The vanguard appears to consist of a full regiment of cavalry massing at least 500 horse. King Edward does not appear to have called a feudal muster and the main army is said to consist entirely of regular units, massing a further two regiment of horse and 10,000 infantry. Alderman George Rimon has tabled an emergency motion, "This council congratulates King Edward on his swift response to the threat of war and calls upon all citizens to welcome his arrival at the capital of Athion".