The Chronicle

of the month of Kryll in the year 144

Watchers and members of our worthy Witanmoot were caught by surprise when Lady Samantha Cox announced an amnesty for all those involved in the recent trading riots, except the instigators. After a month of relatively peaceful protests at the mootstone, and innumerable 'special pleadings' in the courts, the move has done much to restore calm in the blackened wards. In the official statement Lady Cox declared, "This has been an inglorious episode, which I hope the city will quickly forget. To this end I am announcing a full amnesty for all rioters bar those who were the ringleaders. The fate of the ringleaders however, I will take a personal interest in." Commentators were also taken aback when the amnesty was announced from the Citadel, where Lady Cox appears to have taken up residence. Persistent investigation by the Chroniclers has uncovered the exclusive news that most of Lady Cox's retainers at her Oldgate residence have been given notice, and many trunks of personal belongings have been transferred to her official apartments at the Witanmoot.

Quietening the burnt wards appears to be the main occupation of councillor Larken Drumm, who is trying to speed up the work of the Guilds most affected by the fire, and persuading them to expand the apprenticeship programme to include adult and unskilled workers. This has drawn some considerable criticism from merchants in other quarters of the city, who fear that longstanding arrangements for their own children could be jeopardised. Resident have also been pleased to see a large donation of wood from the Shipwrights Guild. Despite muttering from councillor Adam Avery about "firewood stocks", a good portion of it has already vanished to complete shelters before the winter storms, which should be due any day now.

More disruption at the Citadel where, it seems, the contents of the ship Half Chance are being bargained for in a series of private showings. This seems to be causing much frustration amongst the Mercers and Grossers guilds who were expecting the choicest deals. Amongst the perfumes, spices and artwork, the fiercest bidding seem to be over the bolts of iridescent silk and the exotic fashion styles of Eshi Cyarçon. One particularly vicious skirmish is said to have involved Lady Cox over ownership of the bolt of emerald silk which matched the gem on her chain of office. The Lady Therese FitzGerald was only persuaded to back down after the relative size and proximity of their respective armies were raised.

A sudden fire has scorched a corner of the taproom at the Dancing Bear in Welland. Alert drinkers (such as there were) improvised on firefighting until Erik Dragonsbane arrived with buckets of water. Relieved regulars congratulated Erik on his prompt action, but have complained about the small group of affluent customers drinking there as the fire broke out. They are believed to be especially concerned at the presence of one small, stumpy character who bore a striking resemblance to Talus Snapdragon.

A spokesperson for the Temple of Torus has confirmed a statement by councillor Alan Monterey that many wells in the burnt wards are contaminated, and are the probable cause of a fever which has been lingering in those wards. Cllr Monterey has issued a further proclamation that all wells are to be closed in that area, pending clearance by the Witanmoot Guard. Rumours that the good councillor has even more unpleasant clean up duties in line for the Guard have not been confirmed.

Alderman Aralan Derwent is believed to have sent members of the Lands & Agriculture committee out to re-negotiate to grain tithe to the city. Disgruntled members have been disappearing out into the wild blue yonder for the past few weeks. The Chroniclers only hope that the roads will hold until both they and the wagons can return.

The last ship to arrive in harbour before the winter storm is the Black Banshee captained, inevitably, by one Eagleview. Crewmembers unloading the cargo of wines and wool have commented on the fair weather around the estuary, which is in contrast to the snow already falling in other lands. Captain Eagleview, disgusted at such an easy run, is believed to be in the Temple of Esprayenna doing penance.