The Chronicle

of the month of Lorinfall in the year 144

Fears that martial law would be re-imposed following the civil disorder recently witnessed in the Ward of Cripplegate, are beginning to recede. Reports on the reasons for this incident are confused, but what is clear is that, following Adam Avery's motion to restore guild controls to the burnt out wards, the Witanmoot Guard began closing down a number of businesses in the Cripplegate area. Within a few days large gatherings were taking place, with local residents complaining at the closure of a number of bakeries and the death of one protester, shot in the back by the guard. The protesters set up barriers to prevent access by the guard to the area and declared it free of guild law. The 'Free Trade' leader Jasmine told the Chronicle, "People are starving to death here. We just cannot allow the fat cats of the Witanmoot to close down bakeries and murder shopkeepers, simply to protect the profits of their guild paymasters." The following morning the guard, assisted by a large body of citizens from other wards, launched an all out attack upon the ward of Cripplegate. Dozens of people were killed in the ensuing fight, although the guard suffered no casualties. The Chairman for Law and Order, Marcus Lambourne, said after the fight, "It is regrettable that a number of people have died. However we must remember that these scum were criminals, who were protecting illegal traders from the Law." It is believed that some of the ringleaders of the rebellion escaped. Our correspondent spoke to someone who was near the rebel headquarters throughout the incident. They described how a crack unit of the Witanmoot troops launched the final assault: "It was deadly. The people didn't stand a chance against them. There was indiscriminate arrow fire mowing down anything that moved. The few people who tried to defend themselves were cut down almost instantly. Nobody ever tried to talk to us. All we wanted to do was to work, so we could feed ourselves".

The arrival of the ship Half Chance has caused consternation amongst merchants of the city. The ship, a converted Corsair, was laden down with valuable and exotic items from the Empire of the Inner Sea. Travelling on the ship were the renown dressmaker Eshi Cyarçon, notorious apothecary Talus Snapdragon, unorthodox trader Raven Lindis, and a number of other people whom it was thought had perished in the City States. Rumour has it that this group have travelled to the very heart of the Empire of the Inner Sea, and the possibility of such a lucrative shipping route opening up is bound to cause major shifts within the Grocers Guild. Commenting upon their return to the city Raven told the Chronicle, "It's good to be home again. Although Linrodeth looks different from what I remember, and I'd forgotten about the smell. It certainly brings tears to my eyes".

It seems that new Councillor Alan Monterey has taken Raven's comments to heart. Our newest Councillor has been seen sneaking around the city wells and pouring the water into perfume bottles. Personally the Chronicle does not think he's onto much of a winner and anyway, with the crackdown on non guild trading, it seems rather risky for this Vintner to venture out into the realms of the Apothecaries. Alternately he may have caught the Firethorn madness and plans to make us drink the stuff.

The continuing illness of both Sheriffs, and the prolonged absence of Lady Cox at the Citadel has left the city council pretty much to its own devices. However, apart from passing the Avery/Drum motion on non guild trading, our councillors' don't seem to be taking much advantage of this. Indeed they have been nearly falling over themselves in their desire to do nothing. Their most noticeable inaction has been to ignore Lady Cox's instruction to consider mitigating the effects of Aralan Derwent's sentence. Apart from a brief speech by Alan Monterey to attack Lady Cox's sentence, poor Alderman Derwent has been left to fend for herself. Perhaps they are not as upset at her potential demise as they would have us believe?

The Harvestide festivals were a subdued affair in some areas. As more detailed reports come in from the Daleth temples, it is becoming clear that those farmers who took the risk of a late second planting have reaped a rich rewarded. The continuing good weather has led to a successful crop and concerns over mass starvation are now receding. The good weather is now breaking up, with odd pockets of frost appearing in some parts of the city.