The Chronicle

of the month of Kruthos in the year 148

Cllr Richard Saunders is radiating an unusual air of smugness following the council's decision to reconsider the budget. Guildmaster Bottler has presented plans to complete the wall with all due speed and has asked the council to fund the project in full. Whilst there is near unanimous support for his proposals, a number of conflicting views have emerged about how the significant money necessary will be raised. Bottler himself seems keen to raise taxes whilst other councillors have proposed various creative accounting schemes. William Trueman is even reported to have been brave enough to suggest that Selina should delay the collection of a significant proportion of her tribute till next year.

General Olvini is believed to be considering the establishment of a city guard which will have responsibility both for the defence of the City and for its law and order. The General's office refused to discuss the situation, however a member of the polizei told the Chronicle "The General must be aware that its the squads of polizei led by former members of the Witanmoot guard which are the most effective. He wants to broaden the involvement of citizens and normalise things, I think." However a pamphlet purporting to be from the 'Linrodeth Freedom Fighters' denounced the plans and said that only traitors would be willing to join the new force.

The Brynette Temple has been slow to make an official response to rumours that its holy flame failed on Ghostmoons Eve. The story, which has only just emerged from the confines of the temple walls, maintains that the senior priests' attempts to rekindle the flame on the high altar during the service failed, despite increasingly ingenious techniques which, perhaps fortunately, stopped short of sending for Talus Snapdragon. Junior acolytes deduced from the continued cold that these problems continued for a full day. So far the elders of the temple have remained tight lipped when questioned about the incident, but they appear to be making intense preparations ahead of the forthcoming Midwinter Festival.

The provisional lifting of the curfew in Welland appears to be going well with few reports of any incidents. The presence of polizei on the borders arresting anyone who steps out of the ward after curfew, plus the incredibly inflated prices of accommodation in the ward's hostelries, has limited the feared swamping by late night revellers. A source close to the Witanmoot leadership asked the Chronicle to, "urge all citizens to ensure that the provisional lifting is a success so that the unwarranted and oppressive curfew can be lifted across the city."

An expedition to rescue the trapped caravan from Cascorach has returned having failed to get through. Terrible weather conditions and conflicting reports of the location of the caravan were blamed. The continuing harsh weather is also claiming victims amongst the beggar population with anyone failing to find shelter overnight facing certain death.

Another pair of victims of the cold caused great interest earlier this month when two bodies were noticed trapped under the ice near the citadel. After much application of boiling water the corpses were extracted and taken off to the Torian Temple. Why two dead people should warrant the attention of a squad of polizei and several leading Witanmoot members was unclear at the time. However rumours are beginning to circulate that they were of a Babel and a Kinjuru on a secret mission from Aralan Derwent to get a message to the Citadel. Important papers are believed to have been recovered from one corpse.

An anonymous benefactor has founded a new hospice in Cripplegate for the shelter and aid of poor invalids and beggars. The hospice replaces a shack which existed on the road outside the gate for many years, and which was demolished for security reasons early on in the civil war. Alderman Hubold is reported to be livid.

A recent play at the Bards College has been receiving much critical acclaim. The performance is being staged by a group of senior students and centres around the story of Julia and Roland Perignon and their troubled romance. Attendance at the play could have been guaranteed by the subject. However the players are delighting the audiences and the crafting of the play is truly masterful. Evette Qualtor as the leading lady is outstanding, but the show is stolen by Harry Marsterson and his hilarious portrayal of the evil schemer Armundus Septer.


The midwinter elections have signalled a clear return to traditional campaigning from our councillors. Elections were hard fought throughout the city. Clear factions and lobby groups have once again come into evidence. The greatest, and dirtiest, fight was in Faringdon were Marcus Lambourne and William Trueman went head to head for the Aldermanship. Marcus' campaign pivoted around his strong record of decision making and leadership. However this was undermined by William Trueman's victorious campaign which also called on people to judge Marcus on his record and the "unresolved questions" surrounding his trial in Menderal. Trueman's running mate Olivia Warin was also successful in Temple and an elated Trueman announced that the broad success of his team would enable a new era of "responsible leadership" which would "impose order on the current chaos". Elsewhere in Welland Jim Bottler and his pro-Selina faction gained overwhelming control of the wardmoot but a split vote between Eddie Englefield and Bottler enabled Gillian Howe to take the Aldermanship. Perhaps the most interesting result is from the occupied wards were a number of avowedly anti-Selina candidates were elected. However the expected purge by the electorate of Selinas' lackeys did not materialise. Alan Monterey was returned as Alderman for Levestone with a massive majority and in Avigon the Kerunian merchant Petro Cutario even gained a seat on the Witanmoot.

The Full Aldermanic election results are:

Castle Bard

Gilbert de Clare, Mason


Olivia Warin, Grosser


Duncan Barnett, Mercer


Bernard Hubold, Plasterer


Samuel Rucche, Painter


William Trueman, Goldsmith


Graeme Porter, Waterman


Mary Hastings, Scrivener


Judi Spich, Glazier


Maureen Quiller, Mercer


Gemma Downe, Cornmonger


Alan Monterey, Vintner


Jenny Davy, Dairier


Nicholas Worton, Shipwright


Bert Belcher, Butcher


Gillian Howe, Draper


Godwin Green, Fruitier


Melanie Romanie, Glazier


Alice Barbiter, Fletcher


Randolf Flambourd, Leather Seller


Eva Capel, Grosser