The Chronicle

of the month of Skelern in the year 149

In the wake of last month’s election results a three way fight is emerging for control of the Witanmoot. Marcus Lambourne has laid down a clear challenge to the control of Alan Monterey by recruiting Aldermen Davy and Romanie; however the newly energetic Alderman Trueman may prove to be a greater threat, with powerful players such as Miranda Andrews joining Olivia Warin under the Trueman “New Order” banner. Alderman Monterey does not seem unduly perturbed, and will no doubt have gained some pleasure from the renewed support of Allison Shefford. Meanwhile, as the traditional leaders re-establish their control on the Witanmoot, pro-Selina groups such as Jim Bottler’s are increasingly being marginalized. An internal fight between Bottler and his running mate Eddie Englefield may be the root of the problem, although so far Bottler appears to have managed to prevent Englefield becoming politically active in his own right.

The saga of the new wall has continued this month. Rumours that stone warehouses were to be dismantled to provide foundations for the new wall caused outrage amongst the merchants and prompted several hurried meetings between Jim Bottler, Gilbert de Clare and several prominent Aldermen led by Olivia Warin. The upshot of the meeting was unsurprisingly that no one would admit to having come up with the idea, no one thought it was a good one and no one was going to stand up and defend it. Meanwhile Bottler has been quietly finalising his plans for the route of the wall, which is expected to be much closer to the river than the wooden one.

The lifting of the curfew will be extended to Avigon and Levestone from tenthday secondweek. General Olvini has pronounced himself pleased with the Welland test and expressed hope that the lifting could be extended to the entire city in the near future. A spokesman for the “Linrodeth Freedom Fighters” derided the announcement as a “reward for treachery” and she went on to describe the current lack of action as “a period of consolidation” and vowed that “Kerunian blood will flow through the streets before the end of the month”.

Relationships between Marcus Lambourne and William Trueman appear to have hit a new low following Trueman’s victorious election campaign. Marcus Lambourne is publicly playing down the extent of the fall out, and describing the situation simply as “healthy competition”. However sources close to the ex-Alderman describe him as privately fuming and deeply hurt by Trueman’s campaign tactics. A source close to the Faringdon Wardmoot described the atmosphere between the two as “icier than the Ishtan”.

Nominations for the Chairmanships of the various reformed committees have gone more smoothly than ever this year with only one slight glitch. Jenny Davy’s nomination for the post of Law and Order chair fails as her uncontested election to the Trade chairmanship takes precedence. Nominations for the Law & Order chairmanship therefore falls to Lady Tasker.

Envoy to Kerun

Maud Blessop

Envoy to Eresan

Marc Bergeren


Graeme Porter

Welfare and Education

Melanie Romanie

Lands and Agriculture

Gemma Downe

Law and Order

(Jenny Davy)


Jenny Davy


Olivia Warn

No nominations have been received for the unwelcome posts of envoy to Nyskilde, Salvoyn and Cascorach. Alan Monterey's nomination of someone for the post of Envoy to Kerun was described by one Witanmoot official as “brave assertion of the city’s independence” and has certainly caused a stir amongst those who thought that he was one of Selina’s henchmen.