The Chronicle

of the month of Jasmarill in the year 152

Linrodeth enjoyed an unexpected feast day mid-month in bright sunshine. The celebration was proclaimed by the Citadel to mark the launch of the remaining seven ships of the new fleet. The delays were caused by major alterations needed to the rigging following the Invincible’s maiden voyages early in the year. The Invincible is now joined by her sister ships The Intrepid, The Illustrious, The Inflexible, The Indefatigable, The Incendiary, The Indomitable, and The Inconceivable. There were some raised eyebrows at the final launching, which has been put down to a possible translation error. Four of the ships are to be put to immediate work on behalf of the merchants of the consortium, while the remainder will take up patrol stations beyond the Ishtan estuary. The successful launch is a great relief to all concerned, but particularly to the Guildmen who have been paying warehousing costs during the delay. The launch clears the shipyards just in time for the new Shipping budget, which is expected to include further consortium shipbuilding.

Revellers returning home the following morning were amongst the first to note a large cavalcade approaching from the Eresan road. Numerous banners indicated a very official delegation to the Citadel, and court officials (not to mention the gate guard) were immensely relieved when the procession stopped at the Temple of Torus for over an hour. The hastily convened welcoming party were able to escort Sir Eridan of Mickelsford the remainder of the way to the Citadel. Sir Eridan of Mickelsford is to be High King Kieran’s official liaison with the Court of Princess Selina of Linrodeth. The renown Lord was accompanied by a complete escort of five younger Knights and a full ambassador’s entourage. Given the rather formidable reputation of all these Knights, the Chroniclers expect that Princess Selina’s equally versatile Ladies in Waiting are going to be kept rather busy. Amongst the first news brought by the Embassy is confirmation the King Kieran will be resuming the attack on Salvoynian lands this year. Various levies have been recalled to push southwards, but their task is now made more difficult by new defensive fortifications which have been built over the winter, and by the Regency Council’s decision to recruit many foreign mercenary companies. Priority will be given to ensuring that the Cascorach road stays open, and merchants using it this past month have confirmed that it is “mostly safe”.

The Glaziers Guild have presented the Brynette Temple with a new glass window which displays recent developments in their craft. The ceremony of dedication included a closed demonstration of the technique, which eliminates many small bubbles and other distortions. The Guildmasters were clearly immensely pleased with the end product, which they hope will prove a popular alternative to horn windows, even for domestic use. Guildmaster Melanie Romanie let slip that the technique owed much to the input of new Kerunian members, although others credited a chance find in the guild archives for the breakthrough.

Brynette surveyors have also been observed hard at work on the north shore this month. Given that this is an unlikely route for any sweet water pipes, and that Alderman Saunders has been having numerous discussions with local residents, it seems that Linrodeth may be about to have another civic project announced. Currently the area is notorious for its bear baiting, gambling, unlicensed playhouses and, ah, other entertainment. This has given rise to wild rumours that the whole industry may be legalised, and/or that the Kerunians are keen to add a gladiatorial arena similar to the famous Amphitheatre in Kerun.

Lady Andrews has called for nominations for Trade envoy to Kerun with an election to take place on Midsummer, to coincide with the Sheriffs election. No other Embassies have been confirmed. Nicholas Bowden is already campaigning hard for the Sheriff’s role and it looks as though a hard contest is about to be fought.

The Witanmoot has otherwise been relatively quiet this month with most councillors getting down to the difficult business of spending lots on money. Alderman Alan Monterey is still apparently firmly believing that he is in control of the budget, despite having no committee chairmen in his faction. In proposing his amendments the Alderman told the Witanmoot. “I strongly believe that Alderman Bottler has underestimated the needs of the Trade committee, both in the expense of envoys and in the amount of essential repairs needed to our roads. I also distrust Alderman Cutario's attempts to absorb Trade into Shipping; Shipping supports Trade, not vice versa. Anyway, the main item of expense (the dock extensions) can't possibly be completed in a single year, and the new roads required to link the new docksides to the city would come out of the Trade budget”. His assertions were backed up by the usual weighty research tomes.

Cllr Marcus Lambourne remain a controversial figure with Alderman Trueman remaining highly critical and suspicious of him. Commenting on last month’s excitement Trueman stated, “I trust that Marcus knows what he is doing by refusing to accept the guards which have been assigned to him. The Chair of Law and Order, and by extension the city authorities, will be categorically unable to accept any responsibility for his safety after this action on his behalf. Anyway, what has he got to hide from Colonel Aldridge who is completely non-political? I do doubt whether this will impede the Colonel's investigations significantly.”

Cllr Lambourne himself has concentrated on the “hasty and ill considered” transfer of lands to the Citadel. His constant and pointed questioning of Lady Andrews on such matters as “who will take charge in a grain crisis” and “what guarantees the city now has over its food supply” have exposed a number of open issues. Lady Andrews herself is clearly getting very irritated and a sources close to her are have suggested that she is considering 'permanent resolution' to the Lambourne matter.