The Chronicle

of the month of Pipetal in the year 152

Linrodeth has been stunned by the rapid enactment of radical reforms in both the city's finance and tax duties. Although rumours of a great reform have been circulating no-one, except a few insiders, seems to have been aware of the discussions. When Alderman Jim Bottler stood up to propose them he warned the Witanmoot that what he had to proposed had been discussed with both Princess Selina and the Hahnites at great length and was a “take it or leave it deal”. He described his pride at being able to bring forward a huge improvement in the fortunes of the city and thanked William Trueman for his assistance in the huge task. Then to a silent Witanmoot he read out the following motion:

“The Witanmoot hereby defines the boundaries of the City of Linrodeth to be two bow shots from the City Wall as measured by the Lord of the City on the Springtide Festival 152. The Witanmoot acknowledges that all lands and holdings of the Principality of Linrodeth beyond this boundary, and the rights thereof, are solely those of Princess Selina.

“The Witanmoot welcomes and accepts the grant to the City by Princess Selina of the lands of the mines of Botmoor, Cheddingham, Bramble Coombe and Horndean. The Witanmoot wel­comes and accepts the intended grant to the City by Princess Selina of the right to raise tax duties from trade entering and passing through the City.

“The Witanmoot thanks Princess Selina for her permission in perpetuity to use the lands known as the Tourneyfields for such events as the City sees fit.”

Alderman William Trueman then rose to give the motion his support and informed the Witanmoot that as a result of negotiations resulting from these proposals, the City would have a spending budget significantly higher than the £23,000 which was possible last year. The Treasurer, Alderman Melanie Romanie, then made it clear if the motion was passed she would be able to propose a halving of all trade duties and still be able to deliver a spending budget of at least £30,000. Lady Andrews then adjourned the session for one day to enable people to study the proposals in detail. Feverish lobbying then took place. Cllr Marcus Lambourne expressed concern about a number of details, for example “what if Lady Andrew’s shoots short?” and warned that rushed motions rarely bring good to the city. When the Witanmoot reconvened an overwhelming approval was gained for the reform although a stony-faced Alderman Alan Monterey lead his faction in an abstention. Alderman Romanie then published her budget proposals which show huge increases for all the city areas and a very substantial payment to the Temples “in gratitude to the Temples for their forbearance in our times of hardship."

Riding on the back of this victory, Lady Andrew’s victory in the Lordship elections was never in doubt. However some wags have suggested that she was helped by the fact that she was likely to shoot arrows a lot further than Jenny Davy.

Following on from last months fun in the Witanmoot, Marcus Lambourne refused the official guards assigned to him. He has pointed out that no arrest has been forthcoming for the very good reason that there is nothing to be arrested for. Members of his faction have expressed distress that the once honourable Aldridge has been corrupted into playing politics. Alderman Jim Bottler has also come to his defence making it clear that, “suspicion does not equal guilt and that treason is a crime of actions, not beliefs”.

The official boundary ceremony took place on the Springtide Feast day with much celebration. Lady Andrews executed her duties with great style by clout shooting a massive distance “˜more akin to three bow shots than two”. Great boundary stones are being put in place to mark the points where her arrows fell and Princess Selina herself has walked the bounds to confirm them.

The Proposed Budget

Reproduced from the Treasury documents

Total income from city wards

£27,352 0s 0d

Total income from guilds

£41,286 0s 0d

Gate and Tax duties

£2,500 0s 0d

Income from other taxes & Holdings

£637 0s 0d

From Reserves

£300 0s 0d

Grand Total Income for the City of Linrodeth

£71,475 0s 0d

Contribution to Princess Selina’s Expenses

£40,000 0s 0d

Income for Linrodeth budget items

£31,475 0s 0d

Current Spending Proposed Budget

Budget Split


£221 15s 6d

Lands and Agriculture

£4,058 11s 0d

Welfare and Education

£2,199 0s 0d


£1,249 8s 0d

Law and Order

£2,840 12s 0d


£1,883 16s 0d

Sheriff's Offices

£3,422 0s 6d

Lord’s Household

£670 8s 0d


£28,750 0s 0d

To City Reserves

£2,725 0s 0d