The country of Athion lies on the western edge of a great continent. The country nominally covers both halves of a great escarpment, roughly aligned north/south, that splits the country. In practise the lands above the escarpment have significant independence from the those below. The capital city is Linrodeth, but the city with the greatest population is Salvoyn to the south of Linrodeth.

Athion is a fertile country whose prosperity owes much to its agriculture as to the trading along the sea routes. The country was formed five generations ago, by right of conquest, out of three smaller kingdoms which can existed there previously.

There are as many religions in Athion as there is diversity of opinion. No officially approved religion exists, but some are large due to popular appeal (e.g., the earth goddess, the healer god), some powerful due to their strong organisation, others are rich by patronage and some are influential because they are so useful.

Despite the feudal government of the country, status within this society is very mobile. Neither the war nor the plague were particularly fussy about their victims, leaving in their wake many more posts than good people to fill them. This is particularly true in Linrodeth where a good craft and a comfortable profit have always been respected, and money speaks louder than an impoverished title. Although there are always the diehards….