The times of Cascorach

for the festival of Midwinter in the Year 140

With no further news from Linrodeth, speculation on the fate of Duke Alexander is widespread. The latest news from the capital, which arrived before the winter snows and storms cut off communication, is that the Duke has regained consciousness, but is still gravely ill.

It is believed that Councillor Thomas Castlemaine merely won the right to court Princess Eleanor, and not her hand as first suspected. Duke Alexander might have withdrawn his suit for the Princess’ hand, but sources at the Castle say that this would be most unlike the Duke.

During his convalescence Duke Alexander will be relying on his right hand man, Baron Tancred Mendoza to run the vast majority of his affairs, including action to ensure that Duke Alexander knows what Thomas Castlemaine is up to.

The curfew imposed by Baroness Shellay Silveria, on behalf of Duke Alexander was lifted after it became clear that the Duke’s injuries were not fatal.

The Steward of Caradache, Baroness Shellay Silveria, on behalf of Duke Alexander, made the traditional renewal of the invitations to the city of Salvoyn, the City of Adaqua and the City State of Laurea to send an emissary (and associated party) to Cascorach.

The recent bad weather has meant the recently built Thatcher’s Guildhall being requestioned by the Steward of Caradache, and is being used to house the newly homeless of the City of Cascorach’s Drapers and Tailors, whose own Guildhall was destroyed along with the rest of that quarter of the city.

Baron Morgan de Huengenaunt has complained of a lack of support for his anti-Gelt operations. Baroness Shellay Silveria has said that his attempts to take the war into the Gelt mountains was unnecessary, unneeded and too expensive for the Duchy.

News from the City States

Latest news of the war between the City States of Kerun and Orissa, two city states on the coast, is that the two sides are stalemated by the fact that their nearest neighbours appear to be acting to ensure equality between the two states. When Kerun managed to destroy about half of Orissa’s fleet in a naval battle, several mysterious and very suspicious fires broke out in the harbour area of Kerun. Both Kerun and Orissa are economic rivals of Cascorach, and in times of peace, ship large quantities of grain to Salvoyn.

News from Linrodeth

All communications with the capital have been cut off by the winter storms. The first travellers are expected during Jasmarill.

News from Salvoyn

The Ladies of Salvoyn have replaced their current envoy to Cascorach by Alderman Joanne Kaslar. The Kaslar family are major shipwrights in Salvoyn and the arrival of one of their number points to a power shift in Salvoyn