The Chronicle

of the month of Arvinoth in the year 144

Aralan Derwent's trial turned out to be something of an anti climax following the dramatic hearing. Both the prosecution and defence had had much time to prepare their cases and the long trial, though well argued, lacked the drama of the earlier occasion. The only spice was added by the deaths of a number of witnesses in the run up to the trial, however the prosecution made little of this claiming that they suspected it was the work of factions within the floating market. In her summing up speech Lady Cox said "After consideration of all the evidence, the key facts which have guided by decision are; that at the hearing Alderman Derwent claimed that her reason for seeking Citizen Marcos was that he was suspected of involvement in the assassination attempts. However no evidence has been presented to suggest that she had any reason other than the offer of £500. Further officer Kali of the guard has been convicted of conduct unbecoming an officer as a direct result of the orders that "There is a man from Kerun called Marcos, get him" given by Alderman Derwent. Cllr Marc and Citizen Marcos have clearly been subjected to unacceptable treatment as a result of Alderman Derwent's orders and I must therefore find her guilty. I fine her the sum of £100 payable to Citizen Marcos. However bearing in mind the incredible strain Alderman Derwent was under and the immeasurable contribution to the future of the city which she made in negotiating the grain deal, I postpone the payment of this sum until Midwinter. I hope that this will give the Witanmoot time to consider what action it might wish to take to mitigate the effect of this sentence upon her." Opinions on the sentence vary, Derwent supporters claim that it is tantamount to bankrupting her, however other commentators have suggested that she was lucky to escape with her life.

The Chronicle has learnt that Sheriff Matthew Dixon intends to contest the Lordship election next year, and is already in secret negotiation with various powerful members of the Witanmoot. It is unclear whether Sheriff Dixon is responding to rumours that Lady Samantha does not wish to continue as Lord, or spreading them. However the uncertainty has already lead to one shock defection from the rapidly weakening Mowbray faction. Susan Faithside, long term supporter of Lady Cox, has moved to the newly emerging Monterey faction. Alderman Faithside told the Chronicle, "I have always backed Samantha and she continues to have my full support. However I feel that the problems the city will face in the years to come will require a new and radical agenda. I believe Alan is now setting that agenda and I am proud to be part of his team."

The Monterey faction has not wasted its time in making a mark on the city's government. In his maiden speech Cllr Monterey thanked the city for recognising his hard work, "even if only by the promise of further work" and then went on to launch an amusing and wide ranging attack on the complacent committee chairs. He also called for the immediate reinstatement of the guild examinations and the donation to the Temple of Torus. Much to the surprise of the faction leaders (who only a month ago had voted through these measures) Cllr Monterey summoned enough support to have these two proposals formally moved, and a full debate will take place next month.

Early reports of the harvest suggest that the city will suffer serious shortages despite the hard work by Alderman Derwent earlier this year. The recent heavy rains have damaged what was already a poor harvest and many Barons are now openly calling for the City to rely only on the imported grains rather than "ravage the countryside". Linrodeth is not the only city to be suffering grain problems. The deal with Salvoyn has left the Kings Army short of supplies and His Royal Highness has resorted to commandeering grain supplies which have not already been earmarked for us. The King has imposed a special tax on Linrodeth's richer citizens to assist in the cost of this action.

Adam Avery has launched an all out attack upon Marcus Lambourne, the chairman for law and order, claiming that non guild members were openly trading in the burnt out wards. Other councillors backed up the attack pointing out the committee's continuing funding for the Law Court whilst other committees had made wide ranging cuts. However some Avigon councillors defended the lack of enforcement, claiming that to force these people out of business when they have no homes and no other means of support would be tantamount to murder.