The Chronicle

of the month of Arvinoth in the year 143

Sheriff Matthew Dixon has headed off a major Treasury crisis by foiling an attempt to debase Linrodeth's coinage. The plotters, working from a forge in Cadene, are thought to have passed nearly £3000 of debased coinage into circulation. However, due to prompt action by the Sheriff, nearly all these coins have been recovered, and Dixon assures us that there is no threat to the value of our coinage. Anyone who believes that they have a suspect coin should present it the Witanmoot where it will be replaced on a one for one basis. This offer will be maintained for a year and a day. Sheriff Dixon announced the exposure of the plot to a packed emergency meeting of the Court of Common Council, and the Chronicle was most interested to note the obvious division between those guilds in the know and those to whom it came as a nasty surprise. News of the counterfeiting had clearly been leaked beforehand. We suspect that many guilds will be increasing their political funding in an attempt to avoid future embarrassment. Shortly before the meeting the plotters had been apprehended by the Witanmoot Guard, led by Sheriff Dixon and Cllrs Avery, Firethorn and Derwent, in raids throughout the city. In one fight Cllr Adam Avery was seriously injured, and has lost an arm despite the best efforts of the Torian chirugeon. The Chronicle wishes him a speedy recovery.

The vacant Levestone Aldermanship has resulted in a sudden influx of inquisitorial councillors into the ward. Despite endorsements from both Sheriffs, the councillors are determined that the absent Envoy Mowbray will not be returned uncontested. Many retired aldermen or up and coming young councillors have been interviewed, but so far the nominations stand at Malcolm Mowbray, Martin Key and William Hoskyns.

Concern is growing over the 'tent city' which has remained outside Linrodeth following the Dragonfeast. Some estimates suggest that as many as two thousand people are still inhabiting the temporary accommodation set up for the feast. Many councillors have been expressing fears about the possibility of plague, or the establishment of a second 'floating market'. Councillor Randy Parkinson has also warned of the serious implications for the environment if they have not moved before winter.

The Harvestide Festival looks set to be a generous celebration, with many predictions for an excellent corn harvest. Concern remains over the possible damage wrought to the fruit crops by the unexpectedly early frost this month.

Councillor Richard Firethorn has renewed his campaign for the 'sweet' water project and has been pressing the Chair for Welfare and Education, Ann Tasker, to include it in her forthcoming budget. However the most influential member of Tasker's Faction, Adam Avery, is known to bear a strong dislike for the project, indeed his last comment on the subject is unprintable. In order to gain more leverage, Cllr Firethorn has therefore formally proposed a motion that the Council approves, in principle, the allocation of funding for the sweetwater project as part of the Welfare and Education budget for 144. This will be voted on next month. The Esprayenna Ship of the Dawn is nearing completion. The ship, which is currently completely filling the Temple Dock at the port, is attracting much attention and the people of Linrodeth are look forward to witnessing an elaborate consecration ceremony next month. Sheriff Dixon has also been showing unusual interest in the project and rumours persist that the Temple of Esprayenna received a number of generous donations from the coinage counterfeiters.

Anonymously donated papers have revealed that Philip Portman's fletching business is much overdue for a tax re-assessment. The reason for the sudden appearance of this paperwork is unknown, but at least one councillor has been brave enough to suggest that it may be related to Portman's defection from the Perignon camp to that of Larken Drumm's.

Regular visitors to Hunters will be distressed to learn that Brandy is re-negotiating her contract there. Rumour has it that an unknown rival patron is tempting Linrodeth's most popular dancer to leave the city.

News from the Citadel is that the Gelt have retaken the foothills of Slievekallen. This sudden reawakening of the Gelt has concerned many who had assumed that, following a series of defeats, they had given up. Most of the fighting is in the west with the area around Cascorach remaining quiet. However, the Princess has cut short her visit to Linrodeth and is returning to Cascorach immediately to prepare for any potential attack and to deal with a plague which is sweeping the city.

On a lighter note Lady Amelia Fortesque, the youngest and most ravishing of the Queen's Ladies-in-Waiting, is looking for suitable ideas for her birthday ball later this autumn. The Chronicle is collecting suggestions for appropriate catering, music and surprises. Contact Chinon Starsinger with your inspiration at the Empty Barrel in Welland.