The Chronicle

of the month of Lorinfall in the year 143

The unannounced arrival of Crown Prince Edward has sent ripples of concern throughout the city and the royal court. As soon as his ship docked the Prince rode up to the Citadel where he had a long, private audience with His Majesty. Rumours abound with the possibility of a massive Gelt invasion, or war with the City States, causing the most concern. The Prince returned to Salvoyn after one week, but the cause of his visit remains a mystery.

Citizens are warned to stay clear of the Floating Market, which is dangerously riven with interfactional fighting. The reason for the problem remains unclear. Following the initial outbreak of fighting, no major incidents have been reported. The trouble seems to centre on the Solistel/Cursos boundary, although other areas are showing more armed activity than normal. The Witanmoot Guard seems to have become entangled in the activities with Guard officers having been seen entering different areas of the market to hold 'negotiations' the day before the fight. Rumour also suggests that a major assault by the Guard on the Cursos section was called off just before the trouble broke out. Official sources at the Witanmoot are denying all knowledge of the incident. Cllr Richard Saunders has been demanding a full enquiry. He told the Chronicle, "I have for some time been warning of the increasingly active role the Witanmoot Guard has been taking. Over the last few years Lady Cox has built the guard up into a large and effective military force. What we are seeing now is that force beginning to be used by the Sheriffs to their own ends. This Floating Market involvement and the recent incident in Castle Bard convince me it is vital that they be brought under the democratic control of the entire Witanmoot, before a major disaster occurs."

A major dispute has broken out between the Temple of Torus and the freshwater project. It would appear that Cllr Derwent discovered some masons surveying the Torians' holy lake as a possible source of water. She, being a good Torian, immediately told the Temple and stormed off to the Witanmoot to confront Cllr Firethorn. The normally passive Torians called out the Knight Hospitallers and mounted a guard on the lake. It is also rumoured that a strongly worded communication was sent to the Witanmoot threatening to excommunicate the city and deny it the services of the temple. Cllr Derwent has proposed a motion to council apologising for the unfortunate incident, and confirming that the lake will be in no way be affected by the project. Cllr Firethorn denied that there was ever a plan to use the lake and blamed the incident on over zealous interpretation of his instructions to the Masons' guild. He described Cllr Derwent's activities as deliberate troublemaking.

There have been a number of movements within the Witanmoot factions this month as the councillors position themselves for the run up to the Midwinter elections. Marc Bergeren, a long standing supporter of Aralan Derwent, has deserted her for the faction of Harry Truestaff. Marc is rumoured to have become dissatisfied with the increasingly establishment position taken by Cllr Derwent. Meanwhile Grantham Morgan, an important member of the Firethorn faction, has moved to join Larken Drumm and his new ally Martin Key. Melanie Romarnie has completed her tour of the factions by returning to the Mowbray faction, with which she saw success some years ago. Lady Amelia's birthday ball proved to be one of the most important social events of the year. The theme of a masked ball seems to have caught the attention of the court and vast amount of money were spent of ever more impressive costumes. The unexpected attendance of the Crown Prince added to the importance of the occasion and may people now expect lady Amelia’s masquerade to become one to the regular events of the court calendar.

Sheriff Matthew Dixon has initiated a city-wide manhunt for the twin brother of Witanmoot Sergeant Nicolo Barondolpho. The Sheriff has determined that this man was behind the forgery ring which nearly ruined the city's finances. Sergeant Barondolpho was killed in a 'rockfall' incident a year ago which has never been fully explained. Some commentators have suggested that the family may now be waging a bloodfued against the entire city.

The recent Civic Ball to welcome the Salvoynian Envoy passed without any undue incidents. Harry Truestaff charmed his way around the female delegation, and finds himself in high favour. Richard Firethorn and Beatrice Perignon made elegant appearances, but Sheriff Dixon was unexpectedly ignored by the Envoy's entourage. Cllrs Aralan Derwent and Larken Drumm brought the ball to standstill with a dazzling display of complex dancing, which drew applause from all onlookers at its finish. Noticeably, Aralan was escorted to the ball not by Sir Henry, but by Chinon Starsinger, surprising everyone (especially this editor). Chinon's wit and eloquence seem to have riveted Aralan's attention for much of the evening. Perhaps a new romance is in the air for her?

The freshwater project of Cllr Firethorn has gained overall approval from the Witanmoot., although the Derwent and Dixon factions chose to abstain. Had the vote taken place after the incident with the Torians it is unlikely that it would have been passed so easily. An aggressive Cllr Firethorn is already believed to be manoeuvring to gain the Treasurer's post for a member of his faction. One other vote which was passed without comment was the Law and Order budget. A question was raised by Cllr Larken Drumm, who demanded to know what the Council intended to do about the 'tent city' left behind after the Dragonfeast.

The Levestone Aldermanship election has generated a close result, with old timer Martin Key beating his son-in-law Malcolm Mowbray by 15 votes. Martin described himself delighted to be "once more back in the fray" and confessed that he had been "missing the inner council". He put his success down to the skill of his new faction leader Larken Drumm and described the Mowbray campaign as "lacklustre". The Mowbray camp does not seem too dismayed by the result, Cllr Mowbray has surprised everyone by deciding to overwinter in Cascorach, and it is unlikely that he could have held the position come the Midwinter elections. Alison Shefford described the election as, "a useful exercise in finding out who our real allies are".

The final piece of council gossip to reach the Chronicle this month is news of a luncheon date between Alderman Ann Tasker and the up and coming Alan Monterey. It would appear the Ann is casting around for fresh blood following the incapacitation of her previous flunky Adam Avery.