The Chronicle

of the month of Arvinoth in the year 142

The City has averted the threatened constitutional crisis over Bridge Ward refusing to pay its taxes. A last minute switch of vote at the Wardmoot by Cllr Hugo Kelly meant that (on the Alderman's casting vote) the non-payment motion was defeated. Cllr Kelly told the Chronicle, "I still believe that we were right to register a protest in the way we did, but the whole situation was getting out of hand and I decided to defuse the issue before someone got hurt". Indeed, until this point the situation was looking increasingly dangerous with a number of confrontations taking place between the Local Watch and the Witanmoot Guard. At one stage two of the guards were arrested by the Watch for assaulting a citizen, and an armed confrontation seemed inevitable. A large proportion of the Wardmoot remains unrepentant; their leader Cllr Richard Saunders told the Chronicle that, "Kelly's defection was the result of blatant intimidation by Sheriff Perignon and her professional thugs. I think she threatened to 'disappear' him in the same way as she, and the rest of the Levestone Mafia, arranged the 'disappearance' of Armundus Septer."

Tension remains high in the Floating Market and the nearby Ward of Dowgate, after two Solistel were killed by Dowgate citizens. According to Jocelyn Barnes, a Mercer of Dowgate, "The people were only protecting the ward from these criminals". Accusing the Witanmoot Guard of co-operating with the scum, she called for the Knight Marshal to, "wipe out this infestation on the City's doorstep, before an attack is launched upon the ward". However Charain Meduenin, spokesman for the Solistel told the Chronicle, "We have no feud with the citizens of Dowgate. Cllr Edge has assured us that Alderman Clifford is honourable, and the attacks were not of her doing. Our dead have already been avenged." Unconfirmed reports suggest that perpetrators of the killing were captured by the Witanmoot Guard, however no official statement on the matter has yet been made.

Floating Market tensions have also been raised by an apparent coup within the Toddman's organisation. Rumour suggests that the city's crime lord has had a significant part of his organisation usurped by someone called Skillet. A number of killings and the large number of fights which have recently taken place around the docks, and the Floating Market would tend to confirm this rumour.

Witanmoot business remained subdued this month, possibly out of respect for the King's presence in the City. The Law & Order budget was passed without opposition, while the Dixon amendment to the Election of Sheriffs (itself amended by Mowbray's proposal) was passed overwhelmingly. Surprisingly, despite fierce battles earlier in the year, there appears to be no further debate over the spending of the Trade budget. The Chroniclers suspect that most councillors have already lost the draft of the proposed budget (cunningly circulated by Matthew Dixon before the summer festivities) and are to embarrassed to admit it.

The mysterious absence of Cllrs Dixon, Mowbray and Derwent, which was beginning to be a cause for concern, has been explained. The three Councillors returned from a tour of the surrounding Duchy where they have been negotiating with the Barons in an attempt to avert a repeat of last year's grain crisis. Although they have steadfastly refused to comment, their buoyant mood would suggest that the mission was a success. Upon their return both Levestone councillors set about creating a further stir. In a surprise move, Cllr Mowbray turned down a nomination for Alderman, and has instead accepted an appointment to the position of Envoy to Cascorach. This has enabled Cllr Dixon to be elected unopposed to the position of Alderman of Levestone, and the Chronicle would like to congratulate him on this long overdue reward for his tireless efforts. Those citizens who had been looking forward to a bruising fight between the two for the position of Alderman, and who at least thought that Mowbray would go down fighting, have been further disappointed by Cllr Mowbray's apparent delight at the way things have turned out. The new envoy, a largely theoretical post this late in the year, immediately opened his cellars and threw a truly memorable party. The cellars, famed for their select contents of City States' vintage wine, proved to be a very popular location, and just about every member of the Witanmoot turned up during the course of the evening. Even Sheriff Perignon, herself a renown vintner, remarked favourably on the evening's libations. Sheriff Griffiths also attended, and spent much of the evening welcoming Lady Amelia Fortesque to the delights of the capital city. All in all, only Aldermen Dexter and Andrews, away on a second honeymoon, missed out on the festivities.

Chinon Starsinger reports that the new 'Uncle Marcus' winter brew, which has been produced by 'The Empty Barrel' in Welland, is the best he's tasted in years. If you'd like to try some go there soon, otherwise Chinon assures us that he intends to drink the place dry himself if at all possible.

The Highsun Fete appears to have been a reasonable success, with a large crowd attending this first event. Most Guilds had made an attempt to put on a good display, although many had obviously simply picked a senior member to set up shop in the market for the day. Perhaps if the event is repeated more competition and display will take place. Despite this the event was clearly a success and raised a large sum of money, although wrangling over what exactly each exhibitor was meant to contribute marred some of the goodwill generated. In a clear snub to Sheriff Perignon, who is known to have offered her services, the event was opened by Sir Paston Courtney. Ma Perignon obviously forgot that the event was in aid of Gax's orphanage where, following the announcement of her plans to establish a Hahnite orphanage, she is not the most popular of people. Possibly it was her that Mad Mab was warning when she told the baffled crowd, "Honour the dragon's heart, for he treads the wine of life, and few can taste of his truth". Then again, perhaps not.