The times of Cascorach

for the festival of Midsummer in the Year 139

In characteristic style, Duke Alexander Calverin left the city of Cascorach on the first day of Heliora, The Duke is travelling by the ducal barge to Salvoyn, where he will hire a ship to take him to Linrodeth to attend Princess Eleanor's eighteenth birthday celebrations. The Duke is accompanied by Baron Tancred Mendoza and a retinue of loyal retainers.

Baroness Shellay Silveria of Rosendale has been appointed Steward of the Castle of Caradache until the Duke’s return.

A special tax was imposed by the Duke on the wealthy guildmembers of Cascorach in order to fund his trip to Linrodeth. The Duke was unable to give any estimated date of return to Cascorach, but assured members of his last audience that he would return as soon as possible, and that he had full confidence in the abilities of Baroness Shellay Silveria.

News from Bethesda is that Eorliane Cynthia Fitzholme has given birth to a healthy son. The child will be called Baron Edmund Alexander Fitzholme until his succession. The child was blessed by the Temple of Daleth at a special ceremony at Bethesda Castle.

The news throws fresh doubt over the reasons for the hurried marriage between Eorliane Cynthia Fitzholme and Baron Edvard Caerlon last year. The marriage now appears to be a coup by someone other than the happy couple.

Baron Morgan de Huengenaunt of Radford’s period of official mourning for his mother ends with the end of the festival of Midsummer. He vowed to repay the Gelt for the murder and, with the help of Baroness Shellay Silveria, the Gelt have suffered several defeats in the Barony of Radford in recent months. After Baroness Silveria became Steward of Cascorach, she ordered the refugees in Rannoch to return home and begin planting.

News from Linrodeth

Lord Raphael Fitz-Simmons has been re-elected Lord of the City of Linrodeth. He celebrated his re-election by staging a ‘mega-hunt’ and banquet.

Large numbers of refugees have been shipped south in emergency measures this month. They are being set to work to improve on last year’s harvest.

Princess Eleanor's eighteenth birthday celebration ball is being described as ‘THE event of the year’. The King has imposed a special tax to pay for the celebration, which is being held in the Archimandrite’s Palace rather than the currently almost empty Citadel. The event us to be held on the 23rd of Menderal.

News from Salvoyn

Queen Emma has arrived in the City to prepare for the royal reception to be held on Dragonfeast. Rumours suggest that both King Edmund and Prince Edward will be holding receptions during the day.

The City remains on heavy alert, with the City Guard under orders to support Prince Edward and the 5th Infantry if required.

The Ladies of the City of Salvoyn have imposed heavy tariffs on all traders and merchants deemed to be supported by subsidies. Particularly affected are the Mercers and Grossers of Linrodeth. The ladies claim that they are attempting to undercut and force out of business the trading families of Salvoyn.