The Chronicle

of the month of Setheran in the year 154

The expected showdown over the new committee chairman and Alderman failed to materialise this month. It was a surprised Alderman Trueman who this month found himself in the luxurious position of making several unopposed nominations. The Alderman proposed Judi Spich as Chair for Law and Order, Alan Monterey for Trade, David Northrop for Alderman of Temple and Emma Chireton for Alderman of Berewic. After a long pause Alderman Cutario rose to second these nominations. With no other nominations coming forward the posts were confirmed. Both factions are paying down suggestions of an alliance deal. The Chronicle would normally treat with contempt their claims to have independently come up with the same list, however both factions appear genuinely embarrassed and it is just possible that they are telling the truth.

King Ravensgrim continues to extend both his stay in Linrodeth and his trade interests. Much is still rumoured (none of it substantiated) about the King and Princess Selina but it would appear that the King has in fact turned his attention to the City. Even more unsubstantiated rumours have connected the King with is old (and now very rich friend) Raven Lindis or his even richer and not quite so old friend Lady Eshi Cyarçon. The most bizarre and more worryingly persistent rumour has him spending time with well known Reshites Maria Consuela, Irvine Grendle and Maureen Quiller.

Work on Ye Oval is proceeding at a surprisingly rapid pace. Alderman Cutario has been much in evidence and it looks like the project will be completed well ahead of time. The Alderman has apparently been confusing the Linrodeth building guilds by planning ahead for the future of the "great stadium'; a concept which Linrodeth's "if it gets in the way in the future we'll just knock it down and charge you double' building consortium is resisting with some vigour.

Pirate activity on the southern routes to the City States has increased significantly recently. The Navy is taking the matter very seriously and has started to operate along the entire route to the City States. The Admiralty has refused to comment upon the surprising concentration of force near Salvoyn, however many dockside conversations suggest that Her Highness is concerned that some of the pirate activity appears to be rather well organized and very professional.

The Bards College is undergoing a flurry of activity as it prepared for the first ceremony of elevation for many years. Master Bard Occam will be formally elevated at Harvestide although it is understood that he has already been granted the post by his fellow masters. Where Occam has been for the last two years remains a mystery, which we have been unable to get anyone at the College to comment upon.

This years harvest looks set to be a bumper one. The continued good weather, interspersed with just enough rain is creating apparently nearly perfect grain growing conditions. If the city can avoid been attacked, besieged or burnt down then it may be possible that this year may mark an earlier than expected return to prosperity.

Problems abound in the Fishmongers Guild. It would appear that the ever tactful Richard Saunders has got himself into a dispute with both the City Guard and his guild. The Alderman is accused of selling fish at below guild rate; an accusation which he fervently denies and which he has helpfully suggested is a result of "those morons in the city guard settling old scores". Kate Penipot has joined in demanding a full investigation and accusing Saunders of trying to cover up something rotten. Saunders in turn has rounded on her describing her as a "meddling Troublemaker who should have been exiled from the city months ago for her Reshite beliefs".