The Chronicle

of Midwinter of the year 157

Her Highness Princess Selina's Midwinter Feast was a lively and informal affair this year, with Citadel entertainment provided by many of Linrodeth's own street performers and buskers. Blind Kane, Biddy Vox and Trugger Stubbs proved to be star musicians in front of a discerning audience, and the horde of jugglers and tumblers were also popular despite their tendency to pick up unconsidered trifles. No-one quite knows where the aged palm-reader usually resides, but she had reams of forthright advice for young lovers. Also making an appearance (apparently on the recommendation of Mrs Bottler) was the costumed figure of Grandfather Frost. A traditional Athionic icon, the Kerunian youngsters were delighted to learn about the toys and sweetmeats he distributed, the coal and holly goad having been diplomatically omitted. Proudly displayed above the high table was Princess Selina's Linrodeth Standard, which had been re-dyed dark Athionic blue for the occasion.

As is usual, the election results were announced at the end of the feast. In what was otherwise an uneventful night the loss of Alan Monterey's Aldermanic seat to Vernon Stripe in Levestone was a massive shock. It will undoubtedly be a blow to the good vintner when he returns to the city. The other changes of Alderman were in Arpent where Judi Spich recovered the seat she lost last year to Hugo Merewell and in Avigon where, after 3 recounts, the victory was awarded to Samuel Rucche by one vote.

Aside from his own ward, support across the city suggests a recovery for Alan Monterey whose efforts are clearly appreciated. If his faction had considered Stripe a threat, it is likely that Alan would have retained the seat. Supporters of William Trueman also did well across the city, with his faction commanding the broadest base of support. The Bottler faction suffered badly with the events of the budget and the frost fair clearly being held against them. Benefiting from this was the Scathlocke Faction which campaigned directly against Bottler. However her faction did less well in wards where there was no Bottler vote to take. Support for the Ryman and Horner factions, with their bias away from the Witanmoot, was very low outside of the wards in which they are active.