The Chronicle

of Midwinter of the year 156

The expected breakthrough by Jessamine Scathlocke did not materialise as the established factions rallied their troops in a concerted effort to defend against her. In Castle Bard Gilbert de Clare, with the backing of Alison Shefford, received 54 votes; a comfortable margin over Jessamine Scathlocke's 46 votes. Alison Shefford and Bever Edge (who had both worked had to transfer their votes to the main contestants) trailed in with 30 votes and 14 votes respectively. In Dracas Thomas Osbert had a tight 3 vote majority over Fanny Drake who received 34 votes. In Ishtan Eva Capel received 30 votes giving her a comfortable victory over Eliott Anderson's 21 votes and Bartholomew Hyde's 16 votes.

The battle between Alan Monterey and William Trueman was hard fought this year with Monterey emerging as the victor. In Arpent Hugo Merewell defeated long-standing Alderman Judi Spich by 44 votes to 42 votes, and in Cartage Brunstan Blackbeard beat Alice Barbiter by 47 votes to 39 votes. Elsewhere Trueman, who focused his efforts on defending what he had, held on to his Aldermen. In Portsoken Stephanie Exton received 60 votes, Nicholas Worton 45 votes and Kate Penipot 31 votes. In Shambles Marie Cripstead received 89 votes and Ralf Seagrim 47 votes. Trueman and Monterey themselves were never seriously challenged. In Faringdon William Trueman received 94 votes to Greg Heppledyke's 64 votes and Maud Blessop's 61 votes. In Levestone Alan Monterey received 43 votes to Martin Key's 37 and Hugh Fitz-Abushon's 32 votes. The Trueman faction was unclear if it should celebrate the Berewic victory of Mary Hastings, who received 51 votes to challenger Aldric Houghton's 47 votes, but in doing so defeated fellow faction member Emma Chireton who also received 47 votes.

In Avigon the election was thrown into huge disruption by the Citadel's dawn announcement that Princess Selina was ennobling Petro Cutario to a Count (Eorl) and an Order of Merit for his services to the war effort. The title is thought to be in exchange for the military acquisition of this year's grain surplus. Count Cutario looked determinedly pleased despite his sudden disqualification from the Witanmoot elections. A day of panicky campaigning followed which resulted in Phillip Candever receiving 72 votes to Samuel Rucche's 69 votes. The ennoblement of Cutario did not otherwise seem to affect his faction members results either way. In Oldgate Duncan Barnett received 77 votes, Joanna Russell 57 votes and John Madigan 47 votes.

In Bassishaw Marc Bergeren received 69 votes, Gemma Downe 53 votes and Sheila Herman 43 votes; this was a closer result than expected but still shows a good margin for the Monterey faction. In Welland Jim Bottler received 58 votes, Gillian Howe 40 votes, Tilly Falgar 21 votes and Eddie Englefield 19 votes. In Bridge Richard Saunders, who received 97 votes, was never seriously challenged by Andrea Beablet who gained 54 votes. In Cadene Melanie Romanie received 83 votes, Tiffany Durnegate 61 votes and Gregory Benton 58 votes. In Kingsgate Adam Povre received 100 votes and Godwin Green 70 votes and in Marshgate Samuel Kutler confirmed his position receiving 72 votes to absentee Maureen Quiller's 52 votes.

As expected in Cripplegate, Peter Ryman won with a clear majority. He received 97 votes to Janice Travers' 44 votes and Irving Grendle's 44 votes. The emerging Ryman group's latest member Rose Cheping also had an astonishing victory in Dowgate where her 104 votes crushed incumbent Graeme Porter and apparent challenger Audrey Wirstan, who received 88 votes and 30 votes respectively. The other major upset came in Temple where independent Dominic Horner's lavishly funded campaign resulted in a massive turnout and a defeat for David Northropp by 143 votes to 133.