The Chronicle

of the month of Menderal in the year 157

An almighty row has broken out in the Witanmoot over the use of child slave labour in its lead mines. Whether the scandal is over the defrauding of public funds, the misuse of children, or the taking of someone else's serfs depends on who you speak to. The whole miserable mess only came to light this past week when a gang of the sorry wretches escaped and returned to the city. One returned home to Cripplegate and is now under the protective custody of Alderman Peter Ryman. The others all appear to be street urchins and have vanished back into the worst slums of Northshore, but not before speaking at length to Gax the Heretic. A fact which does nothing for the peace of mind of the city's Aldermen. Many of the ordinary councillors of the city are, to be fair, concerned at the use of children in this way. The scandal has not helped the already simmering unrest amongst the Northshore scum and, when the news broke, a large mob of the unwashed was set to storm across the bridge. The situation was only kept under control by the sterling efforts of Councillor Bever Edge and by the threat of Her Highness' light cavalry waiting at the far side. The use of child slavery seems to have occurred during this last year under the stewardship of the then Chair of Lands, Alderman Gilbert de Clare. Alderman de Clare is rumoured to be thinking of falling, if not on his sword, at least back on his monetary reserves. His hand has apparently only been stayed by the urgent intervention of his Hahnite advisors. The situation remains tense.

The repair of Newbridge has finally been agreed after Alderman Thomas Osbert drew up a multi claused contract to the liking of the town's elders. The Mayor and his entourage have now returned home in the company of one of the Witanmoot's junior masons. The young man appeared to be relieved to be leaving the city for a while.

The Midsummer Fair is being set up on the Tourney Fields complete with multiple raised stages, several livestock display arenas and some alarmingly extensive latrine trenches. A few hardy itinerant traders have already begun camping there ready for the big event, encouraged by the recent run of hot, sunny weather. Princess Selina has readily volunteered the services of the cavalry display team, possibly with an eye to rapid deployment around the city. The Sheriffs have also begun training the traditional rally of the full Marching Watch, presumably with the blessing of Her Highness given the absence of carnage by the aforementioned cavalry.

Another small fire has had to be put out at the Hahnite Temple, this time on the roof where various suspicious materials were discovered after the blaze was successfully dowsed. The Knights Templar have increased their patrols and are now discouraging "general malingering" within the temple precincts. So far the Archimandrite has refused to comment.

Amongst the general uproar in the Witanmoot, everyone appears to be trying to ignore the fact that the annual budget has not yet been approved. It appears to be waiting on a decision as to whether Her Highness receives £10,000 for her special war chest, or only £9,750 with £250 diverted to prison repair. The city's Aldermen have so far studiously avoided proposing or seconding either option, let alone voting for an outcome.