The Chronicle

of the month of Kruthos in the year 153

Election campaigning has continued unabated this month. Fierce campaigning continued in all of the contested wards with the Bottler Campaign in particular gaining a boost as the clearly secure Cutario faction threw itself into helping his candidates wherever it could. Bottler was also active in backing Cutario and Monterey candidates. William Trueman's faction was clearly overwhelmed by this broad based attack and was hard pushed to defend against this concerted effort and the resurgence of the Lambourne faction. If all of these actions pay off it would seem likely that there will be a new Lord of the City come Springtide.

Marcus Lambourne's campaign lost momentum as he recovered from the shock of the assassination attempt against him. However after a few days a new and more determined Lambourne appeared to hold a major rally in Cripplegate, perhaps sobered by his experience but certainly not bowed. His poignant speech in praise of Peven Waterson his dead bodyguard will be remembered by all who were there. Cllr Lambourne described the risk of assassination as "the price I pay for speaking out when others have tried to stifle me, for speaking my mind instead of someone else's, for asking the questions that no-one else dared to." In a clear challenge to those who had attempted to kill him he went on to declare "It is a price that I pay willingly, and will continue to pay until the last breath leaves my body". But he warned the would be assassins that they could not win. "Cut me down, and another two will leap to take my place. Cut them down and four will come forward to fill their shoes. The people who love this City and who truly care for it will not be cowed by those who lurk in darkened alleys. The people who believe in democracy will not be put to flight by thugs and bully boys. The people who believe in freedom of speech will not be silenced by the assassin's arrow. They will speak out, and will continue to speak out; challenging those who use subterfuge and skulduggery to achieve their aims. Fearlessly, selflessly and tirelessly working to make the Witanmoot, once again, a place where democracy is respected, honoured and upheld. A place where truth and decency are held in proper regard. A place that the thieves, the liars and the ungodly look upon with fear; knowing that they live on borrowed time." The meeting concluded with prayers for the dead man.

Princess Selina has recovered slightly and was even able to leave her bed for a short time. The mood in the Citadel is now cautiously optimistic. The Princess is reported to be delighted with the brief time she was able to spend playing with young prince Sikander and the young prince has certainly appeared happier in the last few days. General Olvini has started preparations to mobilize the army as soon as the weather permits, much to the annoyance of King Kieran who has been unable to contain his frustration at the Generals intention to march north rather than south.

Much to the distress of his family, friends and supporters Cllr Lambourne has refused to hire another bodyguard because he is unwilling to risk another life. However a group of young Lambourne activists calling themselves the "Defenders of Truth" have taken it upon themselves to form an unofficial group to protect him. Lambourne's campaign was given a further boost later in the week when the highly respected Martin Key announced his intention to join the Lambourne faction, an action which clearly delighted Cllr Lambourne.

Despite last months vote preparations have continued for the establishment of a new gate. The Mercers Gate as it is to be known is apparently going to be paid for by private subscription and has the backing of the Citadel. Jim Bottlers construction business will one again be managing the contract and a proud Elliot Anderson was able to ceremonially break the first stone from the wall on the last day of the month.

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The Election results for this year failed to deliver the dramatic changes expected with heavy targeting enabling many of the at risk Aldermen to retain their seats. However Marcus Lambourne was the clear victor of a night which saw his year long campaign against William Trueman pay off as he regained a leading position in the Witanmoot at the expense of the Trueman faction.

In Arpent Hugo Merewell's challenge melted away to give Judi Spich the Aldermanship once again. Whilst in Avigon, Bassishaw and Berewic, Bridge and Cadene the expected victories were delivered to Cutario, Bergeren, Hastings, Saunders and Romanie, although riding the renewed popularity of the Lambourne faction Andrea Beablet gave Richard Saunders a scare. Cartage delivered the closest result of the night where after three recounts Alice Barbiter was declared victorious by a margin of 2 votes. In Castle Bard Gilbert de Clare saw off the challenge from Alison Shefford by a similarly close margin of 15 votes. The Cripplegate contest between Grendle and Hubold turned into a trouncing for the once popular Grendle who was pushed into third place behind Janice Travers as the full weight of the Lambourne faction descended upon the ward. In Dowgate Graeme Porter looks was as expected easily returned as were Thomas Osbert in Dracas and William Trueman in Faringdon. In Ishtan Eliott Anderson beat Eva Capel by 4 votes, and then promptly took her out to dinner. In Kingsgate and Levestone Adam Povre and Alan Monterey achieved there expected victories. As predicted Sam Kutler delivered the most astonishing victory defeating Maureen Quiller by over 100 votes to become the new Alderman of Marshgate. Oldgate and Portsoken returned Barnett and Worton, whilst in Shambles Bert Belcher squeezed ahead of Marie Cripstead to take the seat from Ralf Seagrim. Finally in Welland Jim Bottler victory party was able to start long before the votes were counted.