The Chronicle

of the month of Kruthos in the year 144

A fire wood collection organised by Larken Drumm has eased the fears of many of the people who were short of fuel for the winter. A large body of people left the burn out wards and manhandling converted wagon/sledges forced their way up the frozen river and through the snow. The event has however called into question Sheriffs Matthew Dixon's ability to hold the office of Lord following the revelation that the collection had concentrated almost exclusively on the woodlands owned by Sheriff Dixon. Apparently Matthew has nearly all his capital invested in coppices and woods around the city, and their destruction may bankrupt him if he needs to raise funds quickly. Cllr Drumm, a known supporter of Sheriff Perignon, claimed that it was not a deliberate attempt to secure the Lordship of the city, and that the move was in fact at Sheriff Dixon's suggestion.

Lively debates punctuated the final session of the current Court of Common Council as it met to discuss the matter of Alderman Derwent's fine. A fine speech from Aralan herself explained that a guinea a year was as much as she could afford, although she thanked Lilith for her "sudden interest" in these matters. The debate then went rapidly downhill as councillors sought a pre-election platform, and it was rounded off by Adam Avery's contribution; "She's doing a bloody good job. Stop knocking Aralan, you bastards", which definitely brought the debate back to basics. At the vote the amendment failed by 95 votes to 147, and the substantive motion was then carried by 153 votes to 116. It was noticed that the main opponents to the motion were the Grossers, Perignon's faction and, surprisingly, much of Aralan's faction. A subsequent motion by Cllr Monterey, over lined cesspits, was speedily passed without obstruction.

The highlight of an extravagant Yuletide ball at the Citadel was Lady Samantha Cox's announcement of her engagement to Earl Arbuthnot, and her intention to marry at Springtide. The resulting ennoblement will mean that she will be no longer able to continue as Lord of the city and a straight election between Sheriffs Dixon and Perignon will decide the next Lordship. Lady Samantha told the Chronicles "To cease to be able to directly serve the city I love will be a great loss to me. However, I intend to spend much of my time at the Citadel, where I will continue my advise to his Majesty that all his decisions should be to the benefit of his capital and its undoubtedly loyal citizens". Lady Cox went on to explain that she has postponed the announcement for some time as she did not wish it to affect the Midwinter elections. Earl Arbuthnot has extensive and valuable lands to the North East. It is rumoured that his influence within the Royal Court vanished in an unfortunate incident some years ago, and that his political career has needed taking in hand for some time.


The midwinter elections have thrown the existing political alignments into chaos, and the outcome of the forthcoming committee and lordship elections is currently anyone's guess. After a year of heavy tax increases, food shortages, fire, riot and martial law, a severe backlash against all the existing councillors has left many without seats. In Berewic a bitter fight between Lilith Lansdowne and Aralan Derwent caused both the Sheriffs to throw their full efforts into that ward. On election night this resulted in a dramatic finish which went to not one but two recounts, and resulted in the astonishing confirmation of scrivener Mary Hastings as the new alderman. Mary's solid concentration on local grass roots issues seems to have caught both major factions unawares. In Cartage Osgeard Dunn took the Aldermanship from Miranda Andrews by a narrow margin. In the burn out wards almost complete new Wardmoots have come into being with Faithside, Carter, Du Bolay and Barnett all losing their seats to 'unknowns.' In Avigon Susan Faithside suffered a stunning defeat, being thrust into sixth place, with Larken Drum coming in second and the Aldermanship going to Samuel Rucche. Alan Carter has been replaced by Bernard Hubold, Du Bolay has not only lost the Aldermanship to Judi Spich but nearly lost his place on the council completely, and Duncan Barnett is replaced in Oldgate by Emily Martel. Other victims include the emissary to Cascorach Malcolm Mowbray, whose decision to overwinter in Cascorach has proved too much to defend when his faction also had to hold off a strong challenge to Alison Shefford from Sue Quinn and Vanessa St Lawrence. Richard Firethorn has also retired from the council, having suffered continuing poor health since his inhalation of smoke during rescue efforts in the Great Fire. In all this chaos, a few Aldermen somehow managed to emerge unscathed. In Faringdon Marcos Lambourne defeated a strong challenge by Maud Blessop. Alice Fytton retained her large share of the vote despite a vigorous challenge by Mary Clifford. The Chroniclers would also like to welcome new councillor William Trueman of Faringdon, whose stirring speeches on the Mootstone last month were obviously well remembered by citizens.