The Chronicle

of the month of Jasmarill in the year 157

As had been widely predicted the Lordship election went unanimously to Olivia Warin. Lady Davy appears to have anticipated this result, and spent the early part of the session signing off a number of "decreettes". Of prime interest was the creation of a "compulsory jurisdiction order", an intriguing legal precedent applying to Baron Denmarsh's new domain, which claims land "from the North Bridge boundary, along the line of Wharf Land and Dock head as far as the marsh opposite the Citadel, down to the Ishtan shore, and back upriver to the boundary marker. Said land to be secured by and for the military for the safety of the Principality." Chroniclers note that this could acquire most of the shipyards of importance to the Consortium, without in any way satisfying the rumbles of discontent from the disenfranchised inhabitants of Northshore. The finest Hahnite minds are already conferring with much interest, but hopefully Her Highness will intervene before too much temple income is generated.

Of less novelty was the assignment of £100 to Midsummer Fayre development, although more novelties might well result. A further £50 was put by for the brief homecoming of the peripatetic Gillian Howe, envoy to wherever Aldermen fear to tread. The rest of this year's city budget has been thrashed out behind closed doors. Full details will be provided later, we are assured. Such details as are leaking out of the wood-panelled rooms suggest that the serious money has followed Thomas Osbert from Shipping to Trade coffers.

The Bards College is investigating the conduct of its lay staff, and especially one Terrence Higgs Esq. (butler) after a number of rare and valuable wine casks went missing from its famously well-stocked cellars. The alert was raised by local Cllr Scathlocke after she observed Higgs loading casks onto a cart in the early hours of the morning. The college, which is famed for the quality of its dining and entertainment, raises funds for its cellar stock by subscription from all its members.

Householders along Cornhill are watching with concern the growth of a large dent in the main road which is threatening both traffic and shop foundations. The appearance of the dip after the spring flooding might be due to a new underground stream. Local residents are already expressing concern at the impact of the Bottler mansion on the local green, and point to the prodigious use of water in the Bottler baths as the most likely cause of subsidence. Mrs Bottler has made a robust defence of her household and suggested that "if their ward wells were as robustly constructed and maintained as our own private borehole then I have no doubt that those shopkeepers would not be facing their present problem."

The Watermens Guild is calling for more patrols along the riverbanks after several members suffered muggings by gangs of youths loitering around the shores. Complaints have been made of heavy objects thrown at vessels making their way under the bridge, and some old folk have been thrown into the water as a jest.