Floating Market Factions

The Toddman

The Toddman is arguably the most feared crimelord in the city. Until recently he was the Boss of the entire Athion sector of the market. The Toddman is rumoured to have connections throughout the Linrodeth, even into the Council. His greatest asset is that his true identity is unknown, and all instructions are passed on via his lieutenants. The Athionic sections of the market are the roughest since its inhabitants are the lowest scum of the whole city. Should they make an effort though, an Athion marketer is indistinguishable from an ordinary citizen.


Skillet, once a lieutenant of the Toddman, controls two Athionic sections of the market. These are believed to be have just begun to yield profits after the unexpected coup during the autumn of 142. Skillet has a reputation as a particularly ruthless Boss, although this may be because of the relative newness of his power.

The Cursos

The Cursos are humans from the Conglomerate of the City States. The word ‘Cursos’ roughly translates as ‘survive by running away’’. The Cursos were originally led by the Bordeci but during 138, the Babel and Solistel launched an attack on the Cursos causing a major fire within the market and splitting the Cursos between a faction under the control of the Solistel and an independent group of Cursos.

The Noord

The isolated valleys of the Western Isles are inhabited by a pale and stocky race of mariners known as the Noord. These people have a high regard for independence, and have been known to cause trouble by their disregard for the King’s Laws when they visit the mainland. A large group of Noord used to live in the market, but a large majority of these sailed away upstream in a makeshift longboat during 139, leaving behind a small group of Noord civilians behind. A new boatload of warrior Noord arrived in the market during the summer of 142.

The Solistel

This group of Solistel are very representative of their race, originally from the High Plateau. They work hard to preserve and increase the honour of their tribe, despite their surroundings. Since no-one quite knows what action or comment will be interpreted as an insult to their honour, dealing with the Solistel has always been regarded as a chancy business. The foremost family among the Solistel in the market is the Medunel. The Matriarch, Andenar Medunel, has never granted an audience to anyone outside the tribe. It is known that the Solistel and the Babel have has some form of alliance since the fire in 138.

The Kinjuru

Those Kezriakor exiled by the Empire of the Inner Sea are known as Kinjuru, and they are occasionally find their way as far north as Linrodeth. Lord Sato Shikoku is the ruler of this far flung group of exiles, and his people are highly valued as being scriveners under a sacred oath not to reveal their customer’s business.

The Babel

Although there are many Babel within the floating market to be found under the protection of Lord Sato, there is also a sizeable independent Babel sector under the leadership of the Dingol family who own the ‘Merry Whore’’.