Strange things in Dedcot (Dec 2017)

By Peter Geeseman
12th December 2017

Our den (with the tarpaulin down)

Thursday - First break

Andy has a lot to answer for! There we were enjoying our Sunday game of D&D, when it went all strange! Nothing to do with me or my character (Will was miles away from the box) but the next thing we know we're all a long way from the den in some old military nuclear shelter. How Andy managed that trick is definitely on the (long) list of questions for him! And couldn't he have picked somewhere better for us to end up! And not at 6am in the morning. Having to run several miles home back to Dedcot isn't a problem but explaining to my coach why I missed the early morning training session is definitely going to be a problem (at least I did, in a sense, do a training run - but convincing coach of that could be a problem. At least getting up the drainpipe back into my bedroom was straight-forward, though I need to remember to oil the window hinges - those creaks sounded awfully loud.

How I got though Thursdday without falling asleep I'll never know (though how I passed the surprise maths test in the first period is another mystery). The nuclear shelter looked like it's been abandoned since the fifties and thoroughly looted - only the stuff nailed to the floor (or too heavy to move) was still there, so why Andy sent us there is yet another question!

My character didn't even manage to snag some decent loot in the dungeon - that magic user insisted on using detect magic (though at least I guessed that would happen 🙂 ). I did get a goblin henchman though by sparing his life (I worry though about the paladin trying to kill him just because he comes up as evil (I wonder there's a way to block that?) Was the nuclear shelter part of the dungeon? If so, how and why? (For that matter, if not, how and why?!?

Interior view of the den (tarpaulin up and looking unusually tidy!)

Images from The exterior is by John Wood and the interior by Mike Dunse by used under terms of CC BY-NC 3.0, so this post is also licensed as CC BY-NC 3.0.

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