Liftoff! Research and Development worksheet

Liftoff! Research and Development Worksheet

ProgramInitial CostUnit CostUnit WeightMax PayloadInitial Safety FactorR&D Cost per DieMax R&DMax Safety FactorNotes
1 - Orbital Satellite6130040%195%98%2 - 50%, 3 - 60%
2 - Interplanetary Satellite24460040%390%95%1 - 45%. 3 - 50%
3 - Lunar Probe306120040%485%88%1 - 45%, 2 - 50%
4 - Docking Module18230045%n/an/a100%A Docking Module required for all dockings except to a two person Lunar Lander. Once launched it can be reused for up to six months.
A - One Stage Rocket24350010%285%98%B, C, D, G - 35%
B - Two Stage Rocket6012150010%490%98%A, D - 25%, C, G - 40%, (A, D)&(C, G) - 65%
C - Three Stage Rocket841832005%695%98%A, D - 15%, B, G - 35%, (A, D)&(B, G) - 60%
D - Liquid Fuel Strap-Ons123+100010%285%98%A, B, C, G - 30%
F - Kicker12330010%195%98%A, B, C. D, G - 25%
Required to lift a two person capsule out of earth orbit
G - "Mega" Stage Rocket1503048005%795%98%A, D - 10%, B, C - 25%, (A, D)&(B, C) - 35%
EVA Suits1830%198%98%Once this program is purchased, all crew members will be assumed to wearing an EVA suit.
a - One Person Capsule18250010%180%93%b, c, h - 40%
Cannot travel beyond earth orbit.
b - Two Person Capsule24670010%285%98%a - 20%, c, h - 40%
Kicker required to lift out of earth orbit.
c - Three Person Capsule3612130010%590%98%a - 20%, b - 30%, a&(b, h) - 40%
d - Two Person Lunar Lander308150010%290%98%e - 30%, h -40%
e - One Person Lunar Lander42870010%490%98%d -30%, h - 40%
f - Three Person Minishuttle603010005%795%98%Can be reused if its return to earth is not catastrophic and $2m is paid to refurbish the minishuttle.
h - Four Person Capsule/Lander603043005%790%98%a -10%, b - 15%, c -25%, (a,b,c)&(d,e) - 35%
Unlike the other Capsules and the minishuttle this vehicle can land on (and lift off from) the lunar surface.

The numbers and letters in the notes column refer to safety factor starting levels if similar programs have already reached 75%.

Note that when you start a new research program you get a free example of the program.

When the safety factor of a program changes, the new safety factor applies to all examples of that program from the relevant agency1.

An astronaut program must be started at a cost of $18,000,000 before astronauts can be included on a mission (the $18,000,000 includes one astronaut). Additional astronauts can be trained at a cost $2,000,000 each.

Additional Launch Facilities can be purchased at a cost of $30,000,000. Only one launch per year can be made from each facility (unless superseded by events).

Last updated: May 16, 2017 at 16:30 pm
Updated 16th May to add astronaut program and additional launch facilities.


  1. Except in the case of sabotaged equipment traded to other agencies, where I will track the safety factor of that unit as required. Reductions of safety factor will apply to such traded units

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