Change Log


Currently none, but possible enhancements include:

  • Add the missing repeater instruments
  • Align the repeater instruments with their corresponding lever
  • Allow the commutator control to be turned as well/instead of the buttons
  • Addition of the lights for the automatic half barriers at Halterworth
  • Addition of (a much simpler) simulation of the Halterworth crossing box before its automation
  • Addition of a tutorial mode
  • Correctly handle shunt movements
  • Get Eastleigh to honour the direction lever
  • Possibly add a 1909 variant (either just the timetable (most likely) or its map as well)
  • Add (fake) position lights for the sidings and add some train movements for those too

Version 3.100.0

  • Add a timetable for 19 Feb 2021 when there were major engineering works in southampton so the GWR services were diverted via Eastleigh and the SWR service terminated at Romsey (and used line to Eastleigh to change platforms), all while the freight services are also diverted via Eastleigh and an Engineering Train from Southampton needs to return to base.

Version 3.99.0

  • Refactor code of how change of destination works fixing some minor bugs in the process

Version 3.76.0

  • Support for self-hosted plugin updates

Version 3.64.0

  • Adjustment to the overlaps for the platforms. Adjusted the train's movement on the up line to extend the track circuit for C to include the track between the platform and the points controlled by lever 8

Version 3.63.0

  • Only one pull on levers 3 and 13 is permitted after the line is cleared by the relevant remote box

Version 3.62.0

  • Track circuits now overlap (based on the actual overlaps recorded on the 1973 track plan). There still some tweaking to do here, particularly for the
    artificial track circuits for the platforms
  • Improved train timings. Again based on the 1973 track plan. The current trains use modern train speeds (i.e. 80 mph for the passenger trains)
  • Commutator locked up to the signal box

Version 3.56.0

Many changes including:

  • Additionally lock levers based on the track circuits occupied
  • Reduce the time gap between Train Entering Section and the next track circuit being occupied
  • Revised how the timetable and active trains are shown
  • Have the remote boxes complain if things are out of sequence (including a missing Train out of section, or a commutator is not reset)
  • Trains now verify points are as expected by the train (and the driver will complain if mis-set
  • Train driver will call if they are held at a signal for over a minute
  • Adding multiple trains will add the trains with different train codes (up to ten, then numbers will cycle)
  • Train drivers will check the next track circuit is unoccupied before entering the next section (note: this should only occur if signals are not replaced by the signaller after trains pass them)
  • Remote boxes will wait five seconds before offering a new train once a train leaves the section
  • Remote boxes will ignore offers while the line is occupied
  • The code that recognises bell pushes has been overhauled. Long pauses are now only recognised if it is where a long pauses could be and if it is at least quarter of a second longer than the average for the other pauses

Version 3.50.0

Minor adjustments to train timings. Minor refactoring of how the remote boxes handle bell pushes when they expecting a train entering section bell code.

Version 3.49.0

Initial Version

Last updated: March 1, 2021 at 18:25 pm