Change Log


  • Linking into the Spider Caves!

Version 3.38.0

  • Support Torchwood as a genre.

Version 3.35.0

  • Change the now version of Goodgulf's telescope to use the browser's time rather than the server's time. This allows the page not to change when using static site generation.

Version 3.26.0

  • Support a game date per genre rather than a single game date for a site
  • Indicate that the plugin will not support the Project Gutenberg style of post editing - at least not at this time

Version 3.11.0

  • Change to version numbering structure (the major version number indicates the numbering scheme in operation)
  • Correct the placement of @charset declarations in the stylesheet


  • Make the movement table vary based on Agility (rather than being fixed)
  • Add note for area and multiple hit weapons if used by the character.


  • Default language for new character is now that of the character's genre rather than Athionic.
  • Allow unlisted Intrigue skills


  • The plugin modifies searches so that all post types are included. This is now fixed so that it only affects the search, tag and category pages and not every query (including those on widgets on those pages)
  • A zero width space is used after the '/' character in the buttons for skills to improve word wrapping on the buttons


  • Character export on linrodeth characters is exporting the entire character array, not just the current character
  • Update compatible wordpress version to 4.4.2


  • Correct inheritance used for construction of the widget to the current (PHP7 supporting) idiom
  • Change the size of the box used for viewing and editing to 67% of the height of the viewport - this is much friendly for various display sizes and seems to help chrome on mobile devices to render the box correctly


  • Add modifier for extra opponents


  • Add documentation for the shortcodes (no functional changes)


  • Get the PDF to show the correct value for will


  • Skill plus/minus buttons now work
  • Skill list now appears in the correct place (rather than being underlaid beneath the rest of the page text


  • Performance issues on waylands resolved (conflict with the Infinite SEO plugin resolved)
  • Multiple character sheets can be added to a single page (e.g. search or tag results)
  • Excerpts now generated if not overridden by a manual excerpt.
  • Summary pages added to PDF
  • Player name added to slug at the bottom of each PDF page


  • Update metadata


  • Added support to display the night sky


  • Stopped the newSkills growing on each edit

Version 0.9.9 (23rd September 2014)

  • Fix date display (particularly for Luna Romana).

Version (8th July 2014)

  • Minor bug fix to the performance tables (there was a long tail to the left of the table, now removed).

Version 0.9.8 (2nd July 2014)

  • Changing the birthdate moves all periods along (shrinking the last period).
  • Added (simple, combat-related) Equipment page.
  • Added printing.

Version 0.9.7 (8th June 2014)

  • Refactoring the javascript code.
  • Only increment the version number/edit date of the character on save or upload.

Version 0.9.6 (7th June 2014)

  • Fix game date display when changing genres (or loading old characters with a non-Linrodeth genre).
  • Hide the JSON panel by default.
  • Allow editing of the attributes (disabled by default).
  • Allow the addition of unknown skills.

Version 0.9.5 (6th June 2014)

  • Upload button added - note this POSTs to process.php to the host that delivered the page.
  • Fixed bug when the last period becomes shorter than 13 months (tried to disable buttons that didn't exist!).

Version 0.9.4 (5th June 2014)

  • Correctly disable ip adjust buttons.
  • Birthday locked once the stats are locked.
  • Genre locked once the stats are locked.
  • Added a stats reroll button (rather than forcing the user to page reload!). Obviously this disappears when the stats are locked.
  • Played with the layout a little - Still can't get the button to vertically fill their cell - this seems to be a CSS rendering limitation.
  • Locking the character would break adding a period.
  • Trying to change dates with a period with more than one interest caused a break.
  • Set the value of the name to that in the JSON.
  • Added Herbalism.
  • Fixed bug: When the title was updated, the next change would cause the Stats tab to reappear.
  • Disabled the -date buttons for a period when the period is already too short to allow the period to shrink by that much.

Version 0.9.3 (4th June 2014)

  • Added a schema version to the JSON to allow smooth upgrading of old characters for program updates.
  • Added a rules version to the JSON to hopefully allow upgrading of old characters when there are rules changes.
  • Added a character version and last edit date.
  • Changing interest points changed to <, > buttons instead of pull-down.
  • Periods now show the age range rather than the dates (the dates are available as tooltips on those ages).
  • Added a character description field.
  • Added a game date to the Stats panel, which anchors the end date of the last period.
  • Added the ability to lock the stats - once locked the only way to unlock it is via the JSON.

Version 0.9.2 (unreleased)

  • Changing the genre now updates the childhood fluency fields.
  • Added contemporary fluencies and literacies - no other contemporary skills at this time.
  • Added Math.floor to the morale calculation AND fixed the logic for the wound points (previously treated as having a con in the range 0-4!)).

Version 0.9.1 (3rd June 2014)

  • textarea (except for the JSON update) no longer need (or have) submit buttons.
  • A stat of 21.0 is now impossible (20.9 is still possible, if unlikely at 1 in 10,000).
  • Used Math.floor instead of Math.round(x-0.5).
  • Added Save and Load JSON buttons (These are local to the browser).
  • Added a Genre pull down.
  • Added a statement on the rule set used.

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