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Going static

17th December 2018

For a variety of reasons I reckon it's time to convert the public facing version of my website to go to a static version. The reasons include:

  • After the suspension of En Garde there's no dynamic input to the site other than my own (When I restart that campaign I will need to modify the hosting mechanism to provide the form processing - I'll cross that bridge when I get to it)
  • It'll make the site more secure (no WordPress admin on the public version of the site)
  • No more annoying emails from my web host encouraging me to upgrade from a shared host to a VPS due to reaching memory limits (presumably due to the wordfence plugin).

I'm using the Simply Static plugin though I did have to handle some quirks due to the private server sharing the same machine as my fossil repositories and my popmail spam filter.

It should be noted that this post is also part of an experiment to see how the workflow of updating my website is going to go!