The times of Cascorach

A special issue for Jasmarill Firstweek Tenthday

Following the extraordinary events of the past week, the Times has decided to produce this special issue!

Duke Alexander to marry Princess Eleanor

Duke Alexander has announced that he will be marrying Princess Eleanor on the 20th of Menderal, the Princess’ 19th birthday. It is unclear, at present, where the wedding will be held, but it promises to be a most joyous occasion.

The Duke made the announcement on his return from Linrodeth. The Duke had called a special meeting of his council. Attending were Duke Alexander Calverin, Eorliane Cynthia Fitzholme, Baroness Shellay Silveria, Baron Morgan de Huengenaunt, Emissary Oliver Vladimir, Emissary Stanley Boldheart and Emissary Joanne Kaslar.

The Duke also asked for, and received, reports on the events of the past year.

Salvoyn Emissary is a Gelt spy!

One of the most surprising discoveries made by the Duke on his return was that the emissary from Salvoyn, Joanne Kaslar, is, in fact, a spy from the Gelt. This discovery was made after messengers sent by the Duke to the City States of Adaqua and Laurea were intercepted as they attempted to cross the passes. The messengers were taking messages to inform the City States of a planned attack by the Duke on the local Gelt encampments in revenge for attacks by the Gelt on the grain stares. Emissary Joanne Kaslar is currently under house arrest.

Tax evasion in Radford

On his way to the Shelang Pass (the pass linking Cascorach to Adaqua), Duke Alexander paid a call to the barony of Radford. Once there, he laid on a surprise audit of the accounts of the local lords and ladies. He discovered major embezzlement by those lords and ladies, but not by Baron de Huengenaunt. The Duke fined the nobles a total of one thousand pounds and then proceeded to the Shelang Pass.

Major Victory in the Shelang Pass

Aided by the support of Baroness Shellay Silveria of Rosendale, who stopped the Gelt stronghold in the nearby mountains from sending aid to the area, Duke Alexander has scored a major victory over the Gelt blocking the Shelang Pass. The Gelt have for several months, if not years, been occupying the Pass and have made several raids on trade convoys travelling between Cascorach and Adaqua. The Gelt suffered severe losses as, despite the intercepted messages, they seemed Ill-prepared for the attack.

The attack was also supported by the City State of Adaqua and both Cascorach and Adaqua are maintaining forces in the area to help keep the frontier open.

The Guild of Mercers and the Guild of Grossers are reported to be very pleased at the result and are sending several caravans to take advantage of the opening of the pass.

The Duke has pledged to open the Snake Pass to Laurea ‘as soon as circumstances permit.’