The Chronicle

of the month of Ternost in the year 157

Our forces in Salvoyn have celebrated the firing of the great trebuchet built by the Temple of Brynette to enable the bombardment of the city. Captain Natalia Marlton, who is in command of the weapon described herself as being elated by its accuracy and the surprising ease with which the great machine can be adjusted. Within a day of its first firing the weapon was able to find the range of the great temple of Resh and begin its destruction. "We can fire six times an hour without any difficulty and I don't intend to stop until there is not a stone of that monstrosity left standing," she told the Chronicle. With the work to create the foundations for the weapon complete Jim Bottler OM has returned to the city for the winter. Princess Selina personally welcomed him back at small reception and commended him for his continuing efforts to assist with the war.

Salvoyn's willingness to keep fighting will have been further weakened by the absence of Prince Edward. According to refugees from the city, the prince and key members of his council have not been seen in public for some time and rumours are beginning to circulate that they have abandoned the city. An alternative story comes from rumours from the court of King Kieran which suggest that the Prince is in fact dead. The most bizarre version of this rumour even suggests that he was killed in a duel with Princess Alexis. The absence of any official information gives credence to the view that something has certainly happened but what is currently unclear.

A number of election campaigns have charged into full fury this month. Buoyed by the return of their leader the Bottler factions jumped ahead of the others with the publication of what they have called their "manifesto for growth and prosperity." William Trueman responded a few days later with his own statement which was cheekily posted on top of the Bottler ones. By the time Peter Ryman came out with his statement small fights were already breaking out between rival posters placing teams. Scriveners Guildmaster David Northropp is believed to have been delighted by the new literate approach to politics and is reported to have hired a number of jobbing scribes. No doubt he will soon be encouraging his own faction members to join in.

Alan Monterey has briefly returned to the city. He rode in two days ago and went straight to the Citadel. The usually forthcoming politician has been tight lipped about the reasons for his visit and sources in his households suggest that he is planning to return to the court of King Kieran within a few days. Inevitably this secret mission has further encouraged the rumours that something is going on with Salvoyn.

Floodwaters have continued to recede this month. Northshore in particular is clearing quickly and as the watery scum has subsided it has been replaced by the more usual sort of detritus. This has been something of a relief to the citizens of Cripplegate who have been most enthusiastic in their plans to expel the unwanted from their streets.

Cllrs Joanne Buckley and Angela Freeman had surprised the Cadene ward moot by withdrawing their long-standing support from Melanie Romanie and switching to Gregory Benton. Both councillors have denied that their move has anything to do with the rumours circulating the ward that some of the recent questionable allocation of market stalls is the result of Alderman Romanie taking bribes. Cllr Ingrid Galton of Marshgate has joined the Trueman Faction declaring herself fed up with the stagnation of her Wardmoot.

Cllr Lucy Boater has been seeking investors a return trip to Nyskilde pointing out the advantages of early establishment of trade relationships with the recovering city she plans to undertake a very rapid trip before the winter ice closes in. The Navy has confirmed that it will not be calling the Inflexible to service until the New Year although the ship will retain its full complement of marines given the difficulties of the proposed trading trip.

Little further information has been forthcoming about the death of Petro Cutario OM. The Witanmoot has been at pains to point out that the obvious suspect, Gilbert de Clare is not under investigation despite the mountain of evidence which clearly points to his involvement. The Citadel and the Brynette Temple also seem rather quiet on the matter. Cllr Adrian Green, who has taken a personal interest in the case, made a recent speech from the Mootstone decrying the obvious cover up and blatant lack of interest. "I never agreed with Cutario's politics but that doesn't stop me being outraged by what has happened," he declared. "If this wasn't personally organised by Gilbert de Clare then it was clearly done with someone very close to him with access to a lot of his resources. However, with thousands of pounds at stake, it would seem that our corrupt government does not want anyone to know what really happened." He went on to announce that he was leaving the Bottler Faction with the intention of standing for the Welland Aldermanship.

Initial views of the forthcoming Midwinter elections suggest that Arpent will be a close run contest between Hugo Merewell and Judi Spich. In Avigon the normal two way split between Phillip Candever and Samuel Rucche looks likely to be disrupted by the up and coming Kyle Makeland. In Bassishaw, Marc Bergeren and Gemma Downe will once again be contesting matters. Emma Chireton appears unassailable in Berewic as do Peter Ryman in Cripplegate, Brunstan Blackbeard in Cartage, William Trueman in Faringdon, Marie Cripstead in Shambles, Duncan Barnett in Oldgate, Rose Cheping in Dowgate, Dominic Horner in Temple, Eva Capel in Ishtan Stephanie Exton in Portsoken, Adam Povre in Kingsgate and Richard Saunders in Bridge although Andrea Beablet and Cuthbert Slipton both looking promising for next year. In Cadene Melanie Romanie is being closed on by Tiffany Durnegate and Gregory Benton. A similarly close contest is expected between Thomas Osbert and Fanny Drake in Dracas. In Castle Bard ex Sheriff Alison Shefford looks set to wipe out the unpopular Gilbert de Clare and Jessamine Scathlocke. In Levestone Alan Monterey has some chance of recovering his seat from Vernon Stripe, but not if he rushes off out of the city again. In Marshgate Ingrid Galton is launching a late challenge to Samuel Kutler and it yet to be seen if Adrian Green can make any impact on the Bottler stranglehold on Welland.