The Chronicle

of the month of Ternost in the year 153

The City has this month been almost completely consumed by campaigning for next months elections. With the old alliances breaking down there is an unprecedented opportunity to break the stagnation of the Witanmoot. Campaigning has been hard in nearly all areas as contests reach an intensity which has not been seen for many years. Looking to the results of all this hard work our reporters suggest that Arpent is too close to call between Hugo Merewell and Judi Spich whilst in Avigon, Bassishaw and Berewic, Bridge and Cadene Cutario, Bergeren and Hastings and Saunders Romanie look safe. In Cartage Barbiter appears to be holding off Brunstan Blackbeard, whilst in Castle Bard Gilbert de Clare and Alison Shefford are very close. Cripplegate is too close to call between Grendle and Hubold whilst in Dowgate Graeme Porter looks set to be easily returned. Thomas Osbert leads Dracas by a clear margin whilst Marcus Lambourne's surprising lack of support in his own ward will once more give Trueman an easy victory. In Ishtan Eliott Anderson and Eva Capel are locked in a perilously but unusually polite battle whist in Kingsgate Adam Povre lacks a serious challenger. As expected Levestone belongs to Alan Monterey and more surprisingly after a year of sustained campaigning his college Sam Kutler looks set to demolish Maureen Quiller in Marshgate. Oldgate and Portsoken look solid for Barnett and Worton, whilst in Shambles Marie Cripstead and Bert Belcher both look set to exploit some very poor campaigning by Ralf Seagrim. Finally in Welland Jim Bottler is assured a majority almost as big as his mansion. Prayers have continued to be said throughout the City for the recovery of Princess Selina who remains gravely ill. Perhaps trying to make up for their earlier tardiness both the Hahnite and Torian Temples have redoubled their efforts and many prominent citizens have added their public support to the appeal to the Gods. William Trueman in particular has gone out of his way to show his concern for her highness by starting each of his campaign meetings with prayers. His advisors are obviously frustrated that he is paying more attention to making sure that the City prays for her highness than to getting them re-elected. However Trueman does appear to be a very genuinely convinced that the Cities prayers are all that is keeping her highness from deaths door and his obvious and desperate concern for her highnesses health can only commend him to the voters.

Much to the annoyance of a number of people in the City who hoped the issue had gone away the Archimandrite has made a concerted effort to remind people of the evils of Reshism. In what sometimes verged on a direct call for citizens to vote against known Reshites he called for all who followed the false god to be excluded from every aspect of civic life.

In the one bit of real council business this month the Witanmoot surprisingly defeated the "Private Gates" motion by 111 votes to 97. Alan Monterey clearly caught Jim Bottler and Petro Cutario unprepared with his "are we sure this is a good idea?" opposition. Monterey's description of the risks of citizens being searched and his concerns about what sanctions the gatekeepers might have clearly convinced William Trueman's group to abstain whilst his hilariously painted image of the fun that an unscrupulous Guildmaster might have by closing the gate to his rivals brought over the majority of the Lambourne faction.

King Kieran has obviously decide to keep a low profile during his extended stay in the City. Apart from dining at the Hahnite Temple he has not ventured fourth from the Citadel. Concern is beginning to be raised in the City as to how Eresan might respond to his failure to return. Fears have even been voiced that the spring thaw might bring with it a vengeful army seeking to rescue him.

Late News Late News Late News Late News Late News

Marcus Lambourne has survived an assassination attempt. The controversial councillor was ambushed by archers whist on his way back from a campaign meeting. He is believed to have been saved by the bravery of his bodyguard who sacrificed himself by charging the archers and taking a number of arrows meant for Cllr Lambourn. The assailants escaped. The City Guard are investigating the attack and have called for witnesses to come forth.