The Chronicle

of the month of Ternost in the year 150

The debate over the Oath of Fealty motion has been resolved with a clear victory for the opponents of the motion. Maureen Quiller's motion that, "This Council no longer requires existing citizens to take the Oath of Fealty" was passed by a majority of 164 votes to 105. As expected the powerful Lambourne faction backed the motion, as did William Trueman's group. As a result of the vote the subsequent motions proposed by Alderman Monterey were not tabled. The debate was at all stages acrimonious and has set the stage for a vicious Midwinter election campaign. In an interesting move Alderman Trueman urged citizens to voluntarily take the Oath of Loyalty before they vote. Commenting that he believed, "it is impossible to legislate for loyalty and any loyalty which is not freely given is worthless". Several prominent citizens, including Petro Cutario, Melanie Romanie, Nicholas Bowden, Alison Shefford and Godwin Green, have strongly supported this move. Alison Shefford commented, "Whilst the political elite are obsessed with the rights and wrong of Prince Kieran and Prince Edward, we believe that the vast majority of people in Linrodeth are loyal to and want the best for the City. Alderman Trueman has set an excellent example for us and I think that many ordinary citizens will wish to follow his lead."

The Noordic ambassadors have now left the City and returned to the north. Despite protests from many people with relatives in Nyskilde, the ambassadors have managed to maintain a high profile and clearly wished to establish a new and peaceful relationship with Linrodeth. However their overtures appear to have been rebuffed and a spokesman for Princess Selina has made it clear that she sees the re-conquest of the north as an important part of her future policy. Whilst this move seems to clearly position her as a contender in the civil war, the spokesman was at pains to make clear that the action is simply a practical response in the face of an untrustworthy and aggressive neighbour; "Princess Selina has no intention becoming involved in the contest for the remainder of Athion." Chronicle investigations have confirmed that the Princess has had a number of significant military victories to the North. The Noordic move seems to be a genuine attempt to make peace and to establish a stable border in the face of increasing pressure from Linrodeth's forces.

The split between Cllr Lambourne and Alderman Monterey has been further widened by the debate of Estelle Wynstanly motion that "This City prohibits the worship of Resh and the promotion of his worship on pain of imprisonment". Lady Tasker ruled the motion out of order and in support of this Alderman Monterey made a long speech about the role and legal remit of the Council. He commented that he had consulted widely and he was clearly surprised when Cllr Lambourne launched a scathing attack on Lady Tasker's decision. In what was apparently the opening engagement of a battle for the Lordship, Cllr Lambourne described the decision as "yet another assault on the Witanmoot's democracy from an increasingly authoritarian ruler". He went on to express fears that Lady Tasker intend to decree next year's budget and that the Witanmoot would not be allowed to take any important decisions. Under the banner "Decree or Democracy" he launched his campaign for the Midwinter elections as a referendum on the current lordship and called upon everyone to consider how people would vote in the Lordship elections should they become Aldermen.

Cllr Bartholomew Hyde has been arrested by the city guard and is being held in the Witanmoot prison, apparently in response to last month's outburst in Council. Gax the Heretic has come forward to demand that his Alderman Eva Capel confirm what charges he is being held on, and has offered his services to defend Cllr Hyde at the hearing. A number of people has suggested that the delay is a cynical move by Alderman Capel, who very nearly lost to Cllr Hyde last Midwinter, however there appears to be genuine confusion at the Witanmoot as to why and on whose authority he was arrested.

Security surrounding information on last month's battle continues to be tight, however the Chronicle has managed to confirm that the battle was against forces lead by Lady Beatrice Perignon which used to hold the Citadel. These forces were apparently attempting to link up with King Kieran's troops and were marching through Linrodeth's territory. The route they took appears to imply a plan to trap the city forces operating to the south in a pincer movement. However a major re-deployment of the city army and the commitment of the cavalry stopped them in their tracks. It would appear that the invaders were offered the opportunity to surrender and, when they refused, were given no quarter. Our informant described the resulting battle as a massacre in which the city cavalry routed the opposition and pressed them without mercy. It is not clear whether Lady Beatrice Perignon escaped the slaughter. A number of people, particularly supporters of King Kieran, have expressed outrage at the use of Linrodeth's army in this way, and it seams that the engagement will further strengthen the belief held in some camps that Princess Selina is close to committing to King Edward. General Olvini has refused to discuss the battle other than to state that "all invasions of the city's lands will be met with a vigorous and uncompromising response".