The Chronicle

of the month of Ternost in the year 149

Princess Selina has announced a grand Yuletide ball to celebrate the completion of the renovation of the Citadel's great hall. Many of the city's most worthy citizens have found themselves in the surprising position of not being invited. It seems that the new regime has not yet entirely understood Linrodeth's social scene and the invitation of many prominent tradesmen in preference to the nobility has caused consternation in some quarters. The ball will however provide a massive boost for Linrodeth's dressmakers as few of those invited possess the necessary court clothes. The refurbished hall is being kept under close wraps however a number of people who have seen it claim that the new Bottler design has achieved a stunningly successful blending of Kerunian and Athionic styles.

Linrodeth has been gripped with election fever this month. Normal political activity seems to have come to a complete stop as all the factions throw everything into the hardest fought campaign the City has ever seen. Under a massive onslaught the Trueman bandwagon has begun to falter. Faced with accusations of being out of touch with the common people, and with rumours that Trueman's business is "unusually profitable" which by implication calls into question his honesty, the whole faction has been forced onto the defensive. However Trueman himself appears to be secure in his own ward where a backlash against the many accusations appears to be boosting his popularity. Alderman Trueman described the attacks as, "lies perpetrated by people more interested in politics than the good of the city". He went on to explicitly deny rumours that he intended to challenge Marcus Lambourne to a duel over the matter. Lambourne's faction itself is making a strong showing and looks set to continue its steady progress.

Elsewhere on the political scene perhaps the most starling turnaround has been that achieved by the Bottler faction, which has been spending significant sums of money. Melanie Romanie's vote-buying campaign has been particularly generous and looks set to secure her seat. The high level of campaigning makes it difficult to predict the outcome in many wards as opinions are rapidly changing, however one area where an upset seems likely is in Dracas where Randolf Flambourd is facing a strong challenge from Thomas Osbert. The competition is made all the more interesting be the fact that the protagonists are business partners and "the best of friends". The emergence of a strongly pro Selina faction is also causing confusion, in particular because of its novel strategy of only having one candidate in each ward.

Alderman William Trueman has been having a bad month all round. In addition to the many political attacks which he has suffered, his house was burgled last week. Fortunately for Alderman Trueman an alert member of the City Guard spotted the thieves as they made their entry through the roof of the house. A squad of City Guard arrived soon thereafter and, following a noisy and occasionally violent search of the house, all of the criminals were apprehended.

Rumours circulating in the City suggest that King Kieran has withdrawn most of his professional forces from Fenny Bridges, leaving Aralan Derwent's army seriously exposed to a potential attack by the City forces. General Olvini, who had originally refused to comment on the matter, was eventually forced to issue a statement in order to quell the growing hysteria over the matter. Speaking in an open address to the City Guard, the General evaded questions about Derwent's exact military position but did state, "The military force of the City has a duty to defend the property and prosperity of citizens. The forces at Fenny Bridges have continued an unacceptable campaign of intimidation and interference with trade. However launching an attack upon land we have not claimed is a serious undertaking. I would like to therefore advise that I have no current intention of ordering an attack upon Fenny Bridges by the City Guard or other units of the Army."

The City orphanage has finally received some funds following the intervention of Graeme Porter who has announced that due to careful budget management, the dock extensions will not cost as much as had previously been assumed. His motion that the surplus £100 be transferred from the dock extension to the "underfunded" orphanage received unanimous support.