The Chronicle

of the month of Ternost in the year 140

The main news this month comes from Cascorach, where it has been confirmed that the guild charters were not recalled for review, as previously believed, but have in fact been formally revoked by the Princess. Following the announcement of this shocking news in the Witanmoot, Lord Courtney was forced to close the council session as councillors rushed to discuss the implications with fellow guildmembers. Most guilds have expressed grave concern to the Citadel, however their requests for a statement from His Majesty have been ignored, and fear is now spreading that similar action may take place in Linrodeth. George Rimon, the most outspoken of the Alderman, is reported to have said, "If this act of lunacy is repeated here, then all hell will break out, A free for all would do terrible damage to the standards we have all come to expect from the guilds, and would completely remove the essential training which our apprentice system provides."

The confusion and uncertainty caused by the Charter Crisis has added a new dimension to the political reshuffling which normally takes place in the run-up to an election. As guild officials jitter over the possible overnight removal of their power, many citizens are turning to the council as the only certain place where they will be able to exert influence on the city. And it would seem that this years elections could be some of the most hard fought for some time. The existing political groupings are already beginning to break up under the pressure and numerous faction changes are being rumoured. The most dramatic so far being the defection of Mary Clifford from Beatrice Perignon to her arch-rival Matthew Dixon. Meanwhile Armundus Septer's grouping continues to disintegrate as the old man's condition fails to improve, and Carl Marc seems to be struggling to hold together the powerful grouping built up by his father. In an attempt to maintain its political hold on the city, the Justice League seems to be spending most of its time in fruitless discussions with other factions; although their leading light Olnorth Dexter may have other things on his mind. There are persistent rumours that Cllr Dexter has proposed to Alderman Miranda Andrews. However it would appear that she is yet to be convinced that he has forsaken his playboy lifestyle, and no engagement announcement has been made.

The winter balls have got off to an early start, as people attempt to lift the air of mourning that has hung over the city since the plague. Amongst the many revellers two people have been outstandingly noticeable; Cllr Carl Marcs and the eminently eligible Julia Perignon have both been breaking hearts throughout the city. A number of young bloods have been vying to escort young Julia, but it is said that only Ferdinand Lansdowne has managed to win Ma Beatrice's approval.

Cllr Arianne Pencric of Marshgate has suffered a serious financial blow at the hands of bandits who continue to cause problems to travellers on the Great Road. Cllr Pencric lost four wagons to the bandits, in what she describes as an act of shear vandalism. Apparently after murdering the guards the outlaws stole some small items and destroyed the rest of the goods. Cllr Pencric has denied rumours that the loss will force her to withdraw from her offices in order to concentrate of rebuilding her business.

Finally, a quote from Beatrice Perignon, who it seems is still having trouble shaking off her criminal image "I'm not saying anything; it will incriminate me and appear in the Chronicle".