The Chronicle

of the month of Ternost in the year 139

Unease has been growing in the city since the early hours of the Ghostmoons, when a tall pillar of white flame was seen far across the marshes in the direction of Botmoor. Local villagers claim that this was the result of necromantic experiments by the Astrologer Royal, an opinion confirmed by several citizens who had spoken with him the day before. A group of young citizens were seen arguing and leaving with him through Marshgate the previous evening, and have not been seen since. An area on the edge of Botmoor has now been cordoned off by a detachment of the King's Rangers, but rumour speaks of glowing protective circles, barrows ripped open, corpses of chickens, pigs and mules littering the ground, and blood everywhere. There is even, it is whispered, a burnt and incomplete human corpse. Concern is growing that the old rites and practices for the Death God have been rediscovered. Several temples have already sent representatives to the Citadel seeking reassurances from the King, and pressure is now growing for the Lord of the City to take action.

After last month's unrest over alleged price fixing by the Vintners Guild, Alderman James Isenbard (Chair of the Trade committee) has been investigating the incident and has released the following statement: "The Guild of Vintners has a responsibility both to its members and to its customers, and they have agreed to investigate all incidences of mis-pricing. If, as I suspect, trouble is needlessly being stirred up by agitators, then if civil unrest doesn't calm down this will become purely a Law & Order matter. This office, and I'm sure the entire Council, strongly disapproves of anyone trying to stir up trouble merely for political ends. I hope that this is not just an attempt to attack Vintners before the forthcoming elections. This office endorses the role of the Guild in sorting out its own market, and if citizens feel that the wine is too expensive or unpleasant, then don't buy it." There have been no further incidents of unrest over wine-pricing.

Councillor Armundus Septer has been denouncing Cllr Beatrice Perignon in the Witanmoot this month, accusing her of conspiring to steal grain from the Cornmongers Guild. Alderman Martin Key has ordered that she attends a Hearing next month. Fellow guildmember Malcolm Mowbray, in an informal comment to the chroniclers said; "I'm sure that this is just a manifestation of the ongoing rivalry between Cllrs Perignon and Septer, and I'm sure Martin will not permit his close association with Cllr Septer to influence his judgement in any way."

Meanwhile, outside Oldgate, the same Cllr Perignon was meeting the athletic Miranda Andrews in a duel to settle alleged insults at the Higharvestide Ball. Beatrice, looking rather stiff and uneasy, made the first attack. Miranda lightly avoided the cut and bounced forward to run her foil through Beatrice's shoulder. The Torian Priest stopped the fight immediately and ordered Cllr Perignon to be taken to the Temple. The Temple has since advised Alderman Key that Beatrice will not be able to attend a Hearing before Skelern next year. It appears that once again our intrepid Cllr Castlemaine is under arrest, this time he appears to have been detained upon entering the Citadel and asking for a private audience with the Princess. We understand that he is not actually being charged with an offense; a spokeswoman for the Knight-Marshall stated "It has been decided that, for his own safety, Cllr Castlemaine should be held in protective custody." We conclude that the two lovers have not yet managed to elope, but are still working on the idea.

At a packed trial, Ellis Devon, formerly a councillor in the ward of Faringdon, was convicted of numerous counts of Treachery. Lord Raphael in summing up stated that "We must make an example of this man. Those who stand for office take upon themselves a great duty, a trust which the people of their ward rely upon. Ellis Devon has abused this honour and must be made to pay for this betrayal. I have no hesitation in ordering his execution." Cllr Falgar, who once again was the prime witness at the trial, commented; "I wholeheartedly endorse the comments of Lord Raphael, there is no no alternative to clobbering people who commit, or even contemplate, foul treachery". Following a plea for clemency from the Skinners Guild, the sentence was reduced to indefinite imprisonment.

The Marcs' consortium are pleased to announce the opening of a new tavern in Faringdon's Coinchase Hill, by the name of the 'Hat and Firkin'. All the popular beers from their other pub, the 'Empty Barrel' in Welland, will be available here. Fellow Brewers are also reminded that entries are now invited for the annual Beer Festival in Portsoken.

The Weston family of Portsoken is offering a reward for information leading to the safe return of their children, Susan and Philip, who went missing on the last day of Kryll. The children were last seen near the docks at midday, and it is feared that they have been abducted by some foreign ship.

The Vintners' Guild is pleased to announce a Yuletide Ball in aid of Gax's Orphanage. Cllr Mowbray, who is organising the event, commented that Lord Raphael, the Knight-Marshall and many other notables had already agreed to attend what promises to be a marvellous social occasion. He also expressed the hope that all councillors would take time off from their Midwinter campaigning to support this worthy cause. Tickets cost 5 shillings and, since the Guild is covering the cost of the event, all proceeds will go directly to the Orphanage.

His Majesty the King is delighted to announce that, from Ternost, Her Highness the Princess Eleanor will be attending the Temple of Torus. Her Highness will be residing, for the duration of her instruction, in apartments above Oldgate. The Temple of Hahn has refused to comment on this apparent rebuff.