The Chronicle

of the month of Skelern in the year 153

The body of Prince Edwin has been interred in the family vault at the Citadel. His highness had laid in state in the Hahnite Temple for one week and queues remained though this time as nearly all the citizens of Linrodeth sought to pay their last respects. The funeral took the full Hahnite form and lasted for most of the day. Princes Selina spoke at length about the prince, in a deeply moving and clearly personally written eulogy. Once the funeral was completion the carriage bearing his highness’s coffin was drawn through each ward of the City before proceeding to the Citadel. Shortly after the funeral three brave Knights from the retinue of King Kieran’s ambassador departed the City into the depths of winter in an attempt to get a message through to the High King about the death of his brother.

Investigations into the murder have continued amid strict security. Colonel Aldridge has taken charge of the investigations and his troops have been highly active both in the vigour of their investigation and in the vehemence with which they are dissuading the curious from seeking to find out about the events surrounding the death on the Prince. Noord within the City have come in for particular attention. All Noord have been arrested, although citizens who have already taken the oath of allegiance were later released. The remainder are being held in the re-opened Kingsgate prison pending questioning. A mass execution of the captured Noord Chiefs is also under consideration. The audience of the Theatre have now been released although the cast of the play remain under the protection of the Citadel. Colonel Aldridge has announced that the investigations have confirmed that one of the assailants was injured during the attack and both the Torians and Apothecaries have been questioned in the hope that a clue can be found. Several Citizens who have suffered injuries last week have complained about being dragged off to interrogation, some before their wounds were seen to.

Princess Selina has formally declared War upon the Noord. All wards have been asked to detail their plans for mobilisation in the Spring. The Witanmoot is also believed to be considering how a major military expansion can be funded although debates have already opened up between the Wall Builders, The Ship Builders and March on Nyskilde groups. The first council session of the year was a subdued and solemn meeting. The council still shocked by the murder of Prince Edwin had difficulty working through the formal process of welcoming new Councillors, congratulating new Aldermen and calling for nominations to the Committee Posts. Lady Andrews made a deeply moving speech of condolence and pledged the Witanmoot to assisting the Citadel in all ways possible to track down the culprits and avenge this “offence against the entire state of Linrodeth”. Speeches followed from many prominent citizens reinforcing the shock and outrage felt by the city. Alan Monterey as usually was particularly eloquent describing the “callous murder of our beloved Prince Edwin as a crime that cannot be allowed to go unpunished”, and calling upon all citizens to help “find out who committed this heinous crime, so that they can receive the justice they so richly deserve”.

At the request of Lady Andrews the Goldsmiths guild has undertaken an end of audit of the Witanmoot and Committee accounts. Much to everyone’s surprise it would seem that they failed to find anything wrong other than a few misdemeanours.

This years Witanmoot nominations, perhaps in anticipation of an interesting year, show a renewed interest in the emissaries. Probably the most difficult post this year, Treasury is uncontested with the incumbent Melanie Romanie returned unopposed. More surprisingly Thomas Osbert who has received much criticism from the Lambourne faction for his control of the Shipping budget is also returned uncontested. Lands vacated by Cllr Capel also goes uncontested to Gilbert de Clare. For the other Chairmanships Marc Bergeren and Mary Hastings will contest Law & Order. Richard Sunders is challenged for welfare and Education by Judi Spich and William Trueman whilst Duncan Barnet and Olivia Warin will contest Trade. Fro the Envoyships Kerun goes to Alison Shefford and Orissa to Joanna Russell. Eresan will be contested by Gillian Howe and Sam Kutler, Cascorach by David Northropp and Hugo Merewell.