The Chronicle

of the month of Skelern in the year 148

The tense situation around the Hahn Temple and Law School in Faringdon has eased slightly. Delegations from both groups of Knights Templars seem to have suggested to the priests that no-one would come to blows over the schism. The stand-down and mutual truce allows the good knights to return to barracks rather than patrol the snowbound streets, and also comes as a relief to the sheriffs who were beginning to be tetchy about armed guards on 'their' streets. The breakaway faction led by Edward de Belleme is still debating its tactics once the spring thaw arrives. One option seems to be a strategic withdrawal to Princess Eleanor's stronghold at Cascorach, where Belleme was the Plenipotentiary. It seems likely, however, that this fragile calm may be shattered by Cllr Avery's recent proposal to the Witanmoot that: "In keeping with its support for Kieran as rightful King of Athion, the Court of Common Council not employ in any capacity those members of the Temple of Hahn who have sworn allegiance to Falmand Ingulfos."

Cllr Adam Avery went on to explain, "Ingulfos has made his support for the pretender Edward quite plain. We cannot allow our City's legal system to depend on those who support this position. We cannot allow our finances to pass through the hands of those we cannot trust. We cannot allow our secret papers into the sight of the enemy." A spokeswoman for the Archimandrite deplored the councillors' politicising of a temple crisis. "It is unfortunate that certain elements within the council wish to widen the rift between ourselves and our misguided brethren, rather than try to heal this distressing theological split. I will not comment further on the motives of someone so well known for alliances with Esprayennan priestesses." Gax the Heretic has made a dramatic return to civic life this month by staging a takeover and occupation of the new city orphanage by street urchins. Gax has been recovering from injuries sustained while trying to extinguish the fire at the old orphanage. He roundly condemned the board of the new orphanage, accusing them of admitting only a few, select orphans of citizens. His bold ousting of the official supervisors appears to be popular with the local residents, despite the sudden appearance of dozens and dozens of street urchins.

A disaster at the City defences was narrowly averted last week when quick thinking revellers doused a dangerous fire. Trouble began in the early hours of the morning when an oven fire at a nearby bakery set light to the chimney and flared out of control. The fierce easterly wind blew a stream of sparks towards the newly constructed wooden walls. A group of late party-goers spotted the blaze on their way home and managed to avalanche enough snow onto the fire from surrounding rooftops to douse it. Daylight revealed that their route of climb was exceedingly dangerous, and the successful intervention nothing short of miraculous. The Scratch Street bakery will remain closed until repairs can be completed in the spring.

The Guild of Glaziers appears to be in trouble after it suspended its Treasurer, Master William de Mattock, for alleged misuse of guild property. A number of creditors have already sought to recover debts from the guild, and Guildmaster Melanie Romanie assures the Chronicle these will be paid in full. All senior masters are refusing to comment further other than to state that their businesses will continue as usual. Local residents of Cadene are speculating that this event may be linked to an unclaimed account book which was recently retrieved from a snowdrift by the ward watch.

Sheriff Derwent's scaly irregulars have once again scandalised citizens by petitioning to move within the city walls. The Solistel and Babel spokesthings correctly point out that an army or two is due outside the city walls any month now, and that their overnight camp outside Oldgate remains defenceless at Lord Dixon's request. While they are fully prepared to take Dixon's assurance of safety on trust. they have pointed out that there are limits to this. Sheriff Derwent is now left to ponder possible solutions and the subtlety of inter-species translation.

The Masons and Coopers apprentices have decided to celebrate the passing of an era by staging a full scale football match out on the river ice next Tenthday. This will be the first public match for some twelve years. Debate about the rules, or lack thereof, is expected to be rife.

The Fleapit Theatre in Castle Bard has a hit on its hands with the restaging of 'School for Sleaze'. The old play was written towards the end of the last civil war, and recounts the triumphs, difficulties and embarrassments of establishing a new Witanmoot Council after martial law. Although the students allow that it has been slightly updated and rewritten, they maintain that much of its satiric dialogue is original. Tickets have sold out for months ahead in the hope that the Witanmoot Guard will allow its run to continue.

One frequent theatre and concert-goer this month is Hugh Perignon, who seems to be doing his best to avoid home until his application for a cavalry commission can be considered. Ma Perignon's plans for a brilliant marriage for her remaining son are moving into the final stages. Young Hugh is still hoping to make a last minute escape, but marital laws may yet prevail. Lady Beatrice has frequent access to Colonel Karine Agrevaine and Eorlaine Samantha Cox and may well delay their review of appointments. The citadel appears to be coming to accept the Eorlaine as its de facto commander, and a thorough audit of the Royal Treasury is taking place in her customary style. Senior clerks at the Witanmoot have been waxing almost nostalgic and have apparently advised Lord Dixon that the early morning briefings are likely to continue.

The newly-elected Witanmoot Court of Common Council was opened by Lord Matthew Dixon with a characteristically uncompromising speech:

''"Alderman and councillors; the past year has been a long and difficult one and one which has seen the greatest changes in a generation. We can be well pleased that we have managed to maintain this great city of ours in a manner that would have made the late King Edmund proud of us. However, the next year will be even more difficult as we adjust to the new situation confronting us. The late King was assassinated by those who opposed his beneficent rule, and thus by extension ourselves. For our mandate to govern our own affairs was directly and openly acknowledged by King Edmund. We have and will continue to serve the throne best by keeping the King's Law. I will not tolerate those who break the laws of the Kingdoms of Athion and I will pursue all who break those laws, even those, like the group calling itself 'Retribution', who claim to be acting for their King. I will not accept that there are any legitimate reasons for promoting sedition. All those guilty of such actions will be executed. I do, however, look forward to happier times ahead when all the splits and feuding bedevilling our country are resolved and we can, once again, unite the country through trade. It is in the interests of the future, and with the traditions of the past in mind, that I am proud and happy to announce that Springtide Lordship elections will happen and occur this year as normal. However as Alison Shefford is Sheriff nil regalia there will be four candidates eligible at this year's election: myself, Sheriff Tasker, Sheriff Derwent and Sheriff Shefford. May I recommend to you all, but in particular those who feel that I have in the past year overstepped my mark, to consider the alternatives offered by the Sheriffs."''

Despite an official complaint from Miss Planchet over the Midwinter election results, the Witanmoot then moved swiftly on to consider the important matter of committee appointments. Alderman Monterey proposed that, given the current difficult circumstances, the Envoyship to Salvoyn be suspended until further notice. There was widespread agreement and the proposal was carried on the nod.


Barnett, Warin



Law & Order




Welfare & Education

Andrews, Beaureli, Capel, Horl

Lands & Agriculture





Bergeren, Dunn


Chastelaine, Martel

Gibian Horl thus becomes Chair of Trade, and is dropped from the Welfare & Education election. Leonard Tholin remains in Law & Order, Pencric in Shipping, and Downe in Lands & Ag. Cllr Richenda Sylvanus acquires the title of Envoy to Nyskilde, presumably either because she's already there or because they don't want her back. Elections for the Treasurer, Welfare & Education, Eresan and Cascorach will take place next month.