The Chronicle

of the month of Skelern in the year 142

Councillor Matthew Dixon narrowly escaped death last month when an assassin attacked him in the ward of Dowgate. Cllr Dixon was rushed to the Torian Temple, where his condition is described as critical. It is believed that the assassin, who escaped into the Floating Market, was hired by the Nyskildian Embassy as part of a campaign against Cllr Dixon. Other incidents included the kidnap of his daughter Elizabeth, an attack upon his home during which Roland was nearly killed, and the assassination attempt itself. With Cllr Dixon in the infirmary it was acting Alderman Beatrice Perignon who solved the mystery, tracking down one of the assailants to a bar in Ishtan where he was captured by the watch. It was this prisoner who later identified Elran Calberne, a guard at the Nyskildian Embassy, as the man behind the attack. Suspicion had already fallen on Calberne, and Cllr Perignon ordered his arrest. Beatrice was later able to announce to the Witanmoot the safe recovery of Elizabeth. Harlan Jargelson, a representative at the Embassy told the Chronicle, "This entire incident is a disgraceful example of Linrodeth's arrogance and stupidity. Elran has been framed for this crime in an attempt to cover up political intrigue within the Witanmoot. Why else would an attempt be made on his life, only half an hour after the attack on Cllr Dixon? It is my intention to bring this entire issue before the King upon his return."

This year's midwinter elections have seen the return to politics of the ever popular Kennet Maxil, who has been returned as the Alderman for Cadene. Another upset was Philip Portman, who lost his Aldermanship to Olnorth Dexter. Beatrice Perignon, riding high on popularity following the kidnap investigation, was returned as Alderman of Levestone, ousting fellow vintner Malcolm Mowbray from that post. Leonard Tholin once again gave George Rimon a run for his money, but failed to gain the Aldermanship.

Newly elected councillors this year include Joanna Paynell, Godfrey Russell, Margery Haynes, Harry Truestaff and Adam Avery. The Chroniclers wish them all possible success in their endeavours.

In recognition of Beatrice Perignon's services to the city, Lord Courtney is pleased to confirm that all convictions previously relating to Beatrice Perignon have been repealed and quashed. Lord Courtney stated that the evidence presented at the trial was obviously trumped up as part of Armundus Septer's attempts to discredit respectable citizens and spread sedition, "I am very pleased to have this opportunity of endorsing Beatrice Perignon's election as Alderman". It is believed that Alderman Perignon has also received an undisclosed sum of money as compensation for the wrongful conviction.

With her new-found duties Beatrice has had to turn over further investigation of the Nyskilde incident to Cllr Dixon, who is convinced that further conspiracies remain to be uncovered. Despite these duties Alderman Perignon has found time to wine and dine Sir Henry Longbridge, who is obviously missing the company of Aralan Derwent. Cllr Derwent meanwhile, is slowly convalescing, with frequent visits to the Torian Infirmary to ply the recumbent Witanmoot guard with offers of drink.

Ann Tasker is continuing to lobby the Witanmoot for a full public investigation into Armundus Septer's 'disappearance' while in the custody of the city's prison. "Armundus has gone missing under what can only be described as 'mysterious' circumstances. I find the Law & Order Committee and the Witanmoot's failure to investigate most intriguing, and hope that it is not a sign that an official cover up is taking place." Pending further action by the authorities, Ann Tasker is believed to have hired a group from the 'Dancing Bear' to enquire into Cllr Septer's disappearance.