The Chronicle

of the month of Skelern in the year 141

It is with deep regret that the Chronicle announces the death of Baldwin Underwood. The alderman's body was discovered this morning hanging from one of the supports of Linrodeth Bridge, by members of the local watch. Councillors from Bridge Wardmoot say that they have not yet ruled out the possibility of suicide. Alderman Underwood was a well-liked resident of Dowgate, and a tireless campaigner against the depredations of the nearby river scum. He will be best remembered for his strong leadership during times of crisis, such as when the floating market caught fire. Alderman Gibian Horl would like to hear from anyone who was travelling along the river last night, or from anyone who may have seen Baldwin Underwood after Four of the clock yesterday.

News from the Witanmoot. The following Aldermen have been returned to offices unopposed: George Rimon remains Chair of the Treasury, Alison Shefford remains Chair of Welfare and Education, Suzan Faithside remains Chair of Lands and Agriculture, and Alan Griffiths remains Envoy to Salvoyn

The following nominations have been received for the other offices:

Trade: Miranda Andrews (E, OD) Ann Tasker (AS)

Shipping: Gibian Horl (E) Olivia Warin (MM)

Law/Order: Malcolm Mowbray (OD) Ariane Pencric (AS)

Eresan: Bert Belcher (AD) Olivia Warin (E)

The office of envoy to Nyskilde has sadly become vacant, and will now be the direct appointment of Lord Courtney.

Armundus Septer continues his rebirth on the social scene with a major ball to celebrate his amazing recovery and, as he himself puts it, "to get back into the swing of things." The only problems seem to have come from the seating plan; which resulted in arch rivals Beatrice Perignon and Matthew Dixon sitting at the same table. Not perhaps the atmosphere young Ferdinand Lansdowne was hoping for when he escorted Julia to the ball. Perhaps it was Beatrice's cutting description of Matthew’s musical presentation, or Matthew's insistence on discussing the declining ethics of councillors that really set things going, but by the middle of the evening both respected councillors were losing their dignity. Only the audacious action of Roland Dixon prevented an ugly scene; his persistent choice of Julia Perignon as a dancing partner kept diverting Ma Beatrice's attention.

Elsewhere at the ball, Alderman Miranda Andrews was getting impatience at the tardy arrival of her partner, Olnorth Dexter. His eventual arrival and opening words "Abject apologies, I only just noticed what the time was" did nothing to improve her temper, and the relationship looks rather icy at the moment. A rather happier escort appeared to be Sir Henry Longbridge, who was accompanying Cllr Aralan Derwent.

In response to the call for sanctions by the Envoy from Salvoyn, the Justice League have made the following announcement:

"In the light of the current level of public concern about the status of the Guild Charters in Cascorach, we feel that a few comments would not go amiss. Last autumn the Guilds of Cascorach were found by Her Highness, the Princess Eleanor, to be corrupt. Consequently she took corrective action, namely their revocation. This situation has no direct bearing on the Guilds of Linrodeth. While it is true that the trade situation with Cascorach at the beginning of winter was unclear, we do not share the Envoy of Salvoyn's lack of confidence in Her Highness, and are confident that the thaw will bring with it news of a satisfactory resolution to the situation. We would therefore like to reassure the citizens that there is no cause for concern."

Alderman Miranda Andrews (outgoing Chair for Trade)

It has been brought to the Chroniclers attention that in our issue of Kryll 140 we published an article which could be read to imply that the Chronicle believes the rumours that the Astrologer Royal has indulged in necromantic practices. We would like to make it unequivocally clear that the Chronicle has never given any credence to these rumours.