The Chronicle

of the month of Skelern in the year 139

This month sees the 'Corn Crisis' worsening and the price of bread rising. The situation is not helped by the fact that a new Chairman of Lands & Agriculture has yet to be elected. Against a background of increasing complaints and reports of rioting at a bakery in Ishtan, the initiative was taken by Councillor Reg Marc, who attempted to persuade the Cornmongers to release their stockpile of grain. The attempt failed but Councillor Malcolm Mowbray later managed to force an emergency debate on the crisis. Called at short notice, there were many councillors absent, but the motion to purchase the grain store with the City funds was passed by 120 votes to 77. Speaking for the motion were Cllrs Marc, Mowbray, Septer and Devon. Protests were then heard from the Cornmongers (inevitably) and also surprisingly from Sheriff Paston Courtney, who led the Carpenters in a "no" vote.

The Hearing against Matthew Dixon in Levestone has been held before Sheriff Kennet Maxil. Cllr Malcolm Mowbray had accused Cllr Dixon of attempted blackmail, and Cllr Beatrice Perignon testified that she had witnessed the "disgraceful" attempt. A number of senior Master Carpenters then testified that Matthew Dixon had been present in their Guildhall at the time in question, and could not have been the blackmailer. Amid outcry from the public gallery, Sheriff Maxil dismissed the allegation on the assumption that an imposter had been at work. Cllr Mowbray, looking deeply shocked, later stated that he knew Cllr Dixon very well, and could not have been mistaken.

Rumours sweeping the city indicate that a draft will be imposed on the mercenaries currently overwintering here, presumably to boost the depleted 7th Infantry. Wealthy guildmembers have already been feeling the pinch as an emergency tax has been imposed specifically to fund the Gelt war. Precisely which regiment(s) will be sent south remains confused, as much of the citadel's complement has been sent out to the villages to maintain the King's law. Rumour from the countryside (probably unfounded) is that they are having only limited success.

A body was found in silt land last week. The body had been mutilated and the woman, who was known to have criminal connections, is believed to have been the victim of a feud between two of the criminal groups in the city. The Portsoken watch has been increased and neighbouring wards are asked to increase their vigilance.

The incidence of duelling in the city is on the increase, the latest was rumoured to have been fought between Rayburn Fields (apprentice Chandler of Bardsgate) and Graythorn Lance (a student bard). The duel was apparently over Julia Killcade, a lady of their acquaintance. At her insistence the duel was fought with snowballs. It is believed that Mr fields will recover from his injuries.