Shimaguchi is one of the main ports in the Empire of the Inner Sea. The city grew from a small settlement on the banks of the river Nichiguchigawa. The island of Nichishima was, at one time, the lowest crossing point on the river.

When the Empire of the Inner Sea ex­panded to the Northwest Shimaguchi became a Kezriakor settlement. The original settlements were in what is now Furimachi on the eastern riverbank. In the usual Kezriakor style many canals were dug here. Later development turned to the western bank which is now Atarashiimachi. This area is much more regularly planned. The final development was to excavate the two canals at the north of the city which channel excess water from the Nichiguchigawa river to the sea by way of the outermost canals. The river could then be safely terraced. Now the river meanders slowly down to the island and many fine tree line its banks.

The Imperial Road crosses the river at the bridging point and runs through the town. It runs along the coast to the west and eventually to the border of the Empire. To the east the road runs to join another Imperial Road that runs north/south.

The network of canals serve two purposes: as an efficient transport network and as an important aspect of Kezriakor lifestyle. Canals typically have a deep central channel, while on either side is a just submerged terrace; never more than a meter in depth. Here Kezriakor sit to rest when tired and there are many “inns” on the canal banks supplying refreshments. Steps or a gentle incline lead up to dry land. The place where two or more canals join thus become very much like a square or plaza in human society.

There are two forms of money which are in widespread us in the Empire: Small circular metallic disks with a hole in the centre known as “shu” and very fine rectangular sheets of silk known as “Shimei”. The silk is woven from specially dyed threads and patterned into very beautiful designs. Since Shimei are a fabric sheets (sealed at the edges to prevent unravelling) and use permanent waterproof pigments they can be carried at all times, both on land and in the water.